Want to know how things change once you join an online dating site?

Okay, I’ll tell you.

For the first time in my life I have two dates in one night.

I’m double-booked. I’m just as shocked as you are. I never thought this would happen to me. The only people that double-book themselves for dates are… I don’t even know what kind of people do this. It’s ridiculous though.

In reality it probably won’t happen because I’ll reschedule with one of the guys. But still. I can’t believe I did this.

How did it happen? Early today, over email, I scheduled a date with this one guy for Friday. We had been emailing back and forth all morning and last night. He seems cute and funny and sure I’ll have dinner with you.

And then later this evening I was IMing back and forth with another guy. He asked what my plans were for this weekend and I said “nothing” completely forgetting that I already have a date on Friday… because you know, I haven’t had an actual “date” in a really long time. So I told him I was free when he asked if he could take me to dinner.

And then I remembered the first guy. Oops.

I can’t eat two dinners in one night. I must reschedule.


24 responses to “Double-booked

  1. Little Miss Obsessive

    Hahah aw, this is just like the episode of S&TC when Charlotte double books and is mostly concerned with the fact that she couldn't possibly eat TWO dinners. heh

    You are so far ahead of me in the online dating game – still haven't made my profile (I'm lazy).

    Can't wait to hear how your dates go!!

  2. Wow… maybe I *should* sign up for Match. I’ve always thought about it but have been hesitant. Can’t wait to hear about the dates!

  3. Look at you! Two dinners in one night would be a bit much though. I hope they both go well!

  4. Woo hoo! Look at you hot stuff! You’re the hottest girl on! Can’t wait to hear how the dates go! 😉

  5. Oooh! How fun! Enjoy your man filled weekend. 😉

  6. wow that is AWESOME (not the double booked part… the 2 dates part) good luck on both!

  7. Remember that Charolotte got caught because she was brought soup when she pretended to be sick – don’t pretend to be sick to leave the first date!

  8. Can’t wait for the details!

  9. Okay, so, I’m not going to lie…every time I see a commercial for I feel a little sad that I’m married and can’t go on there to see who I’d be hooked up with. Is that bad? Yeah, that’s totally bad. I’m happily married, I swear! It just sounds like fun, for some reason.


    Anyway…booyah for double booking yourself! You’re amazing. I love it. Let us know how the dates turn out!

  10. Bring both of them on the SAME date.

    Then make them fight for your attention.

    Or your amusement.

    (The reasons why I am still single are slowly coming into focus.)

  11. This reminds me of the episode from SATC when Charlotte schedules two dates in one night! Too funny!

    Anyway, I’m so glad that this is working out for you! I can’t wait to hear how the dateS go!

  12. I am looking forward to reading all about them! Three cheers to juggling men! 🙂

  13. oh, no. that’s a big whoops on your part but it’s pretty funny actually. reminds me of the sex and the city episode where charlotte double-books and ends up losing both guys. so yeah, i’d try and reschedule. 😉

  14. Well, aren’t you little Miss Popular!?

    Now which one to reschedule!? Hmmm…

  15. well-intentioned heartbreaker

    hahah, you little sexpot – all the boys love you.

    have a blast friday, with whichever boy you end up spending the evening with!

  16. Look at you!!

    Maybe if you don’t eat all day…you’ll be hungry enough for 2dinners?

    NO DATES for you next Friday – unless the boy wants to sit in between us at TWILIGHT!


    cant wait to hear all about date 1 and date 2!

  17. you could make one a lunch date and then a dinner date? 🙂

    but look at you with all the dates, woo, hope they go well.

  18. Go you! 🙂

  19. little miss optimist

    This does remind me of Sex and the City & Charlotte like the first comment says!!

    Make one for Saturday night. ;]. You have a fun weekend, and lots of blogging (!) in store for you!


  20. So cute. Movie plot material 😀

  21. You’re such a player, Ash 🙂

  22. Whoa! Hey PIMP what’s going on? Double booked? wow you are a machine.

  23. Classy in Philadelphia

    hahahah! whooooaaa….go you! get it girl!!!!

  24. I think you will enjoy yourself much better if you do reschedule. Just make sure you actually pick a new day and time with one of the guys and not just say, “we’ll have to do it another time.” Cuz then he will totally feel blown off.

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