Twilight: The movie

We met at the theater a little after 6pm for our 8pm showing. There was already a line, obviously. So we walked next door to Quizno’s, grabbed some sandwiches to stuff in our purses, and headed back to the theater to stand in line for the next hour.

I didn’t look around to see if we were the oldest people there, but I’m sure we were in the top 10. Not that it mattered.

By the time we were in our seats and the previews started girls were screaming and “wooo!”ing which only added to the excitement.

We laughed at inappropriate times and giggled when we should have been scared.

Edward was adorable, obviously. I even squealed a few times; I couldn’t help myself. I think he played the part perfectly, even though he went a bit overboard in the serious scenes.

The best quote of the night came from a girl sitting in front of us. Right before Edward and Bella kissed she yelled, “Shhh! I have to live through these people!”

The movie was good. Not great, but not horrible. I think I would have been completely lost if I hadn’t read the book. There was so much switching between the scenes and I feel like it didn’t explained certain things in enough detail. Oh well. Edward totally made up for it.

Overall, I had a fabulous time. I loved the excitement that filled the theater and how everyone was having so much fun. The two hours were over before I knew it. I wish it had lasted longer.


10 responses to “Twilight: The movie

  1. i just finished my ginormous post (why can i never write something short & sweet?!?!) about the movie, but basically, i agree with all you said. πŸ™‚

  2. I thought the movie left a lot to be desired and that it could have been so much more. I was a tad disappointed.

  3. pssst… I’m a lil’ late catching up on reading everyone’s blog swap, but I just commented on your Texas post over there πŸ™‚

  4. I couldn’t have said it better myself!

    I agree with your entire review…right down to the girls in front of us πŸ™‚

    PS: Yesterday I was on the PATH coming back from shopping in the city and was reading New Moon. I struck up a conversation with the tween sitting next to me who was reading a battered copy of Twilight because “her teacher lent it to her because its so good.” HAH.

  5. haha oh man. I love getting into all the hype like that, but for some reason I never read Twilight and probably won’t. Eeeek. I do feel a little left out though 😦 Glad you had fun!

  6. twilight is a great movie I just went and saw it friday..there was lots of laughing in out theater too..good times.

  7. You could have been describing my experience, except we did look around and we were the oldest people there.

  8. Aww that sounds like you both had fun! We fortunately were spared from squealing girls at the showing I went to. I don’t think my colleague would have tolerated that.

  9. Eeeeks, amazing!

    That’s so funny that that girl said the thing about living through them. I would give anything to make out with that beautiful face.

    Who did you go see the movie with?

    Oh ps- i laughed at all the inappropriate times too! haha.

  10. i agree so much with you. i wish it had lasted longer, that two hours just flew by. and i didn’t absolutely love the movie but i liked it and i knew it wasn’t going to be perfect but i liked it nonetheless. and edward, seriously i swooned the entire time, haha.

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