Dating is exhausting

Honestly, I’ve missed blogging these past few days. Things have been so crazy and my days have been so crammed packed that I haven’t had any free time to catch up on my Google Reader, leave comments, or write any new posts. But I’m still here, promise.

Just to keep you updated, I had a date on Tuesday. The guy was really nice, but also very metro… not really my “type”. He kept organizing the silverware on the table. OCD much? We went to a wine and cheese bar and then moved to a regular bar. We had a nice time, but I didn’t feel any immediate chemistry. If he calls, I’d go out with him again, just to see where things go, but I don’t really think there is much there.

Yesterday I finished a 15-page paper for school, bought and mailed my scarf for the Scarf Swap, went to class, and then planned my date for tonight. That’s right, I have another date.

So, in case you’re keeping track, after tonight I will have been on 3 dates in the past week. That is crazy. I was talking to my mom about it and she said, “I’m so happy that you are going out and meeting all these guys! I never would have thought you could be so outgoing!” Well jeez, thanks, Mom! I guess it’s true though. I’m not usually the type of person who is comfortable talking to new people and carrying on a conversation for hours on end. But dating is causing me to step outside of my comfort zone and therefore I’m being more comfortable with myself. I’m learning things about myself and how I react in certain situation. Even though it’s exhausting, I can really tell that I’m growing as a person (as cheesy as it sounds).

Okay, enough of that, back to the date tonight. His name is B. He’s 27 and he’s a lawyer. His pictures are cute, but I’m a little concerned that he may be too short. Although if he’s funny, I may be able to overlook the height issue. He invited me to a Mexican restaurant suggesting that we have margaritas. He knows the way to my heart, obviously. I’ve only tried a couple margaritas since I moved to NYC, so I’m very excited. Expect an update tomorrow.

Oh, also, the basketball date guy has been emailing me and I’m pretty sure we are going out again this weekend. Yay!


21 responses to “Dating is exhausting

  1. I dated a short lawyer a while ago. They’re charming creatures. Have a great time! 🙂

  2. Whoa busy lady!

    Have a great time 🙂

  3. Graduate school and dating how do you balance it all? Grad school has made it difficult for me to maintain a relationship, let alone get back out into the dating scene. Also I’ve been really wanting to read some blogs that talk honestly about dating. So I hit the jackpot when I read your post and glad I came across this blog. Thanks for sharing and I hope the dates go well. P.S. if he’s cool give the short lawyer a chance lol.

  4. a mess of a dreamer.

    if the only thing you end up getting out of all this dating is a better understand of who you are as a person, i'd say it's definitely worth it.

    yay for another date with basketball guy…& good luck tonight!

  5. Good luck with the lawyer!

    I’m impressed with all of the people you’ve been meeting. You’re far braver than I am!

  6. Good luck on your date tonight!! My friend asked me to join one of those dating sites with her and while I’m still skeptical reading all your adventures and seeing that they aren’t horrible makes me feel more okay with joining!

    Keep us updated!

  7. sarahbelledotcom

    hot stuff, much?!

    gawd ashley, you and the dating scene. you’re rocking it! and i love it 🙂

    hope the margaritas are amazing tonight, and hopefully basketball-date boy pulls through and you guys see each other again this weekend. i like him. haha.

  8. You are awesome and have a great time tonight. Margaritas, 3 dates in a week, front row seats to basketball games — I am still in awe.

  9. That’s so exciting!

    I can’t wait to hear more about basketball guy… I think I really like him even though I know nothing about him.

    Enjoy yourself and enjoy the growing. My good/bad/crazy dating experiences really taught me a lot about myself and what I wanted and etc. 🙂

  10. Hope the end of the term is going well 🙂

    That is awesome about so many dates, I wish I was in a place where it would be more possible to date. Have fun with the lawyer, and I can’t wait to hear more about basketball date guy, that date seemed amazing! And margaritas, excellent choice!

  11. Careful! Those margaritas can sneak up on you! I once spent the better (or worse?) half of a date hugging the guy’s toilet with him poking his head in the bathroom asking if I was okay. “Um… do I look okay? That thing had five shots of Tequila!” Barf.

  12. Well..aren’t you just the dating queen! Yay, for my scarf..I can’t wait for you to get yours!!
    Drink a margarita for me..since ya know..I happily can’t 🙂 Have fun!

  13. Hi, I’ve decided to de-lurk.

    I hate the concept of formal dating. I just seems so stressful trying to make a good first impression and what-not. So I really admire you for doing it three times in a week! Good Luck!

  14. little miss optimist

    All this dating has to be a lot of fun 🙂 Hope your date goes well!

  15. yay for you and all these dates, i love it. and seriously you’ve only had margaritas a few times?!?! please change that, they are heavenly 🙂

  16. short, tall, whatever. a lawyer is a lawyer! 🙂

  17. Ha! I love that you’re concerned about height – I hope he can compensate for it! =)

    Have fun – it does sound tiring, but it’s good you’re embracing it! Have fun for us!

  18. Wow! I hope you have a fantastic time this weekend and with the lawyer! I’m dating a law school student right now, so I don’t have any experience with actual lawyers, but the law school ones are pretty wonderful. (:

  19. Classy in Philadelphia

    Yay for you dating so much! I love hearing about your adventures.

  20. Wow lady, you get around 🙂 I could not date a guy that is shorter than me, no way.

  21. I think all of this experience is a really positive thing. Even if you end up spending time with people who aren’t your type or who you aren’t interested in seeing again, you’re at least getting experience in figuring out what you do and don’t want in a relationship.

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