Meet Up and Advice

Have you heard the big news around the blogosphere lately? If you’re on Twitter or active in the 20SB forums, you probably have, but for those of you who aren’t in the know…

The 20sb Meet Up launches tomorrow!

This means all details will be revealed and registration will be open. Also, (and this is really cool) the first person to register will have their registration fee waived. That means you get to come for free! How awesome is that? So be sure you’re around tomorrow. Visit the 20sb Meet Up blog for all the details.

Okay, now that we have covered that, I need some advice.

Since I’m on the Meet Up Planning Committee I feel like I should be at the meet up. Not only do I feel that I should go, but I really really want to go! There are some problems though.

The first problem is that I’m graduating in May and I’m not sure if I’ll have a job… and if I don’t have a job, I won’t be able to pay for my plane ticket. I don’t expect you guys to help me with that. Hopefully it will all work out and I’ll have a job and this won’t even matter in a few months. I just need advice on my second problem

Problem 2: No one in my “real life” knows about my blog. No friends, no family, no one. So how am I supposed to fly to Chicago and hang out with blog friends for 4 days without anyone IRL getting suspicious? I can’t very easily just pick up and leave without giving some explanation. This is where you come in and help me. What’s the best way to go about this? Should I tell people about my blog? Make up an excuse for disappearing for days? Just say I’m visiting a friend? Are any of you anonymous bloggers going to the meet up? Have you thought about what you will tell everyone back home?

This is really something that’s been bothering me for the past couple of weeks so I’d really appreciate anything you have to say. Thanks in advance!


26 responses to “Meet Up and Advice

  1. I would have the same dilemma as you, if I wasn’t going to be in Rome and out of the country.

    A few people know…I’m being stupid and keep accidentaly blurting out to people that I have an anonymous blog, but they can’t have the link. Stupid me.

    I would just say I was visiting a friend. My only problem would be my parents, and that’s only cause I live with them, ya know?

  2. I’m not sure if I will be able to go yet or not. You could alway go with that you are going to a conference. Or visiting friends is the truth too right?

  3. have you met any of your blogger friend IRL yet? And are they going to the meetup? Because then you could just say you’re taking a trip with friends or to see friends and they’d be people you *actually knew* so it wouldn’t be a lie! 🙂

    Or you can just say you’re going to see friends. That’s the truth, either way. We’re all friends!

    I’m still not sure if I’ll be able to go, honestly, but I want to so badly I can taste it. I think I’m just gonna have to make it work.

  4. hi new fb friend!!! 🙂

    I’ve been struggling with this idea too! I’ve already mentioned wanting to get to Chicago this summer because a) I love it and b) “to see friends,” but that’s easier for me since I live in Minneapolis and there’s a lot of sharing between here in Chicago with 20somethings from IL coming to Mpls for work and vice versa after college… Chicago’s not a really random pick for a vacation spot, so it wouldn’t raise too many eyebrows.

    Now what i’m HOPING to do is find another Minneapolis blogger I can plan the trip with and then I can just tell people that I’m going with another local blogger (my friends all know about my Real Name blog) to a social media conference of some sort… ha! Because it is…

    I feel weird even thinking about having to figure out what to say, but I know there are a lot of anonymous (or semi, in my case) bloggers out there who are wrestling with the same thing!

  5. I don’t think I can go but just say that you’ve wanted to see Chicago…or you just want to get away or ya know…you’re going to visit friends.

    I’m sure you’ll think of something!!

  6. It’s a graduation celebration! Lots of people travel to celebrate that.

    I wish I could go too, but there are just too many other things demanding my money and time right now. Ah well, there is always next year.

  7. you could definitely say you’re just meeting up with some friends if you don’t want to say you have a blog. because technically you’re not lying, you’re just not revealing everything 🙂

  8. i’m in exactly the same boat. i’ll be graduating in may and most likely i will not have a job so that = not enough $$ to travel by myself.

    although i was thinking about talking my best friend into coming with me.

  9. no one in my life knows about my blog either, but i’ve managed to work it out. rebekah has even stayed with me when i was at my parent’s house before and she and i “worked for the same summer program” haha. i live in chicago so i guess i’m just going to hang out in the city for those 4 days? i don’t know what to tell my parents since i’ll be back from school then, but we’ll see!

  10. If you say you’re visiting friends, you aren’t technically lying.

    Is the meetup this June or next? The 20sb meetup page says “In June of NEXT YEAR, trend-setting bloggers from all over the country will descend upon Chicago for the 20 Something Bloggers Ultimate Meetup…” but the post was published in January 2009 So wouldn’t that make the meetup 2010? Ah! So confused.

  11. If I end up going, I’m just going to say I’m visiting some friends from college. If anyone wants to know anything further than that, they’re being nosy anyway!

  12. Princess Extraordinaire

    I would just say you’re getting away to meet friends…after all it IS the truth!

  13. Good Girl Gone Blog

    Hmmm I think if your IRL friends care about you, it won’t be a big deal. I know that I try to tell people up front about my blog, but that’s just me. I say, go for it! Plus, I would love to meet you!

  14. insomniaclolita

    I’m wayyyyy far and I really wanna go. Wish I could, I’m in my final year of college and just dont think it’s wise to just get up and leave the country :/

    must be fun thoughhhh

  15. I would have the same problem!! Except I just realized that the meet up is during my birthday weekend and I can’t just disappear on my birthday! Better luck next year I guess!!

    However it would be nice to meet fellow NY/NJ bloggers soon!

  16. I’d probably say I’m visiting a friend or friends. That’s not a lie, really!

  17. I would just say you’re visiting friends. Or you could say you’re going with a friend to visit her friends– that works well b/c then there doesn’t have to be a backstory on each person.

  18. I don’t know if I’m going, but you could always say you are going on a work trip? What are they going to do, call your work???

  19. I went to a meetup in DC and I had to explain my wherabouts to people in my real life, I simply told them I was going to meet some people in person that I had met online, end of story.

  20. I cannot wait for the meet up this summer! Just tell your friends that you’re visiting old friends in Chicago. No bigs.

  21. Summer camp.
    Seriously always worked for me when I get letters from random people my parents/housemates/boyfriends etc. didn’t know about.

    I always just said that they were a friend from camp years and years ago. It always worked because camp is so far removed from your actual life that people don’t expect to have casual heard of this person or that. Plus my parents always trusted the kids at summer camp for some reason.

  22. Well unfortuantely I can’t go to the meet-up anymore (work stuff that weekend. Big BOO to that) but I had planned on telling my friends I was visiting a college friend… though to explain any photos on facebook would be hard.

    I keep my blog a secret from 99% of my friends, so I hadn’t much thought about it.

    I would suggest saying it’s a spa trip or a personal exploration trip or something?

  23. Man I really want to go but we are having a 2 week vacation in November so we have to put all of our savings towards that. That’s a lot of work missed, so we have to not only save for the trip itself, but for the bills the month of the trip. I would say what everyone else is saying … visiting friends or work related if that would fit at the time if you really want to keep them from knowing about the blog.

  24. I hope you go! Tell people you are going sight-seeing in downtown Chicago. Every 20 something should do that at some point :o)

  25. sarahbelledotcom

    awe, i won’t be attending, but you’ll have super much fun if you can get there!

    go with visiting a friend. its completely understandable/logical.


  26. i wish i could go! no one IRL knows about my blog either, and i’d prefer to keep it that way at least for now. i would just do the “visiting a friend” or “visiting friends of a friend” thing 🙂 simple and true!

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