The date that ends with a kiss

A group of my friends from grad school decided to go out to a jazz bar/pool hall last night to relieve some stress. I decided to go even though I had to wake up 7am this morning for work unlike the rest of them (those lucky people!). I invited webcam guy, who will now be referred to as D, to come join us.

He showed up about 20 minutes after my friends and I got there and somehow found me in the mix of all the people. I introduced everyone and then he excused himself to go get a drink. My friends immediately started gushing about him. “He’s cute!”, “I like him already! He showed up alone. He must really like you!”, “Just the fact that he showed up is a big deal!” Haha.

We started playing pool, me and D against my roommate and another guy from school. The camera was brought out and pictures were taken, but I’m sorry to say there will be no vlog (I know, you’re terribly disappointed. Maybe next time).

At one point D was talking about his guitar and how he likes to play music in his free time. He asked what I do to get my mind off things. I said I write. I guess that’s where I went wrong. “Do you have a blog?” he asked. (How is this the first question he asks me??) “Umm… yeah? I do,” I sheepishly replied. “You have a blog?” He asked again, making sure that I knew what I was saying. “Yeah, but I also have a journal that I write in, so it’s not just online. And I also dance,” I continued as I said tried to redirect the conversation as far away as possible from the idea of my blog. Thankfully he didn’t ask for the URL or ask what I write about, so maybe he won’t try to google me? I could have lied and said I don’t have a blog, but I kind of prefer honesty in the beginning of a possible relationship.

Of course there was an embarrassing moment later in the night. We were playing pool and it was my turn to shoot. I was aiming for the four ball, except I must have been too nervous, or maybe a little tipsy, because instead of hitting he cue ball, I went straight for the four ball with the stick. Everyone laughed and thought it was cute, but I was thoroughly embarrassed. Each time it was my turn to shoot again I had to remind everyone that I do actually do know how to play.

Throughout the night D kept moving closer and finding ways to touch my back or brush his arm against mine. When we were sitting down and talking he put his hand on my leg. He kept staring at me all night and I kept telling him how nervous it made me. He reassured me that he was just looking at me because I was so beautiful. Of course, that just made me more nervous and uncomfortable, but in a good way.

When I was attempting a difficult shot during our last game of pool my friends were so nice to suggest that D should stand behind me and help show me the best way to aim. It was like a moment from the movies. He put his arms around me as he explain the physics of the situation (like I was paying attention at all!) and my friend grabbed my camera to snap a few pictures. They turned out adorable if I do say so myself.

As we were waiting for the subway he grabbed my hand and pulled me in closer to him. Somehow we started talking about how many dates we had been on and if you can actually consider them dates since we were hanging out with friends the past two times…

And then he leaned down and kissed me. It was nice and soft; not too forceful, but with enough energy behind it. I felt a spark. We kissed again and I tried to forget that my friends were standing just a few feet away probably watching us.

He asked if I had plans for Valentine’s Day and if I would like to go out with him. I told him I would love to. And we kissed again. He asked if I had ever been to the top of the Empire State Building and I said that I had, once, but it was almost 6 years ago. He asked if I would like to go again, this time with him. I smiled and said that sounded like fun. Cheesy? A bit. But I don’t care. I love cheese.

When we got to his stop, he said he had fun and was sorry to go. He kissed me goodnight. Fifteen minutes later I got a text from him saying that he had a lot of fun, he enjoyed getting to know me, that I seem really cool (haha), and to let him know if I had time to get together this weekend.

I woke up this morning wondering if I had just had a dream. The kind of dream that you don’t want to wake up from because in that dream you are so happy. But then I realized it wasn’t a dream. Last night really did happen. I really did kiss him. He really did ask me to be his Valentine. I really do like him.


51 responses to “The date that ends with a kiss


    I am SO SO SO SO SO jealous!

    This is amazing, Ash! He sounds great and I am so excited you got a kiss.

    Anddddd, you have a date for Valentines Day. Lucky duck.

  2. Aww this whole post made me smile for you!

    This sounds great! Yay for Valentine’s Day dates!!

  3. Hooray! I’m so excited for you! Hehe. I love that he asked you to be his Valentine. I’m so glad things are going well with you two… butterflies are good!

  4. File this under “awwwwwww”

    I’m jealous 🙂

  5. i can’t stop smiling at your night! it sounds amazing. also i’m jealous haha. i can’t wait to hear about valentine’s day!!!

  6. Awww…that’s so cute! Sounds like you had a great night. It’s always so exciting when someone keeps on getting closer to you and finding ways to touch you. Oh, that butterfly feeling.

    Here’s to more awesome kisses from lovely boys!

  7. Yay! Sounds like so much fun!

  8. and her heart it is in ireland


    sounds like a fab night! and the valentine’s at the empire state building sounds cute and romantic.

    hope things go well!

    and nice that he didn’t go more into the blogging!

  9. OK, this was definitely the most adorable thing I’ve read in forever!!

    SO CUTE!!


  10. Awww yay!! Sooo happy for you and CANNOT wait to hear more!!

  11. That is so exciting!!

  12. AAWWWW!!! stories like these, are why I continue to have hope for myself.

  13. That is such a sweet Valentine’s Day story!

    I think that girls are just generally bad at playing pool so that cute guys can come along and show us how it’s done 🙂

  14. Yayyyyyy! Woo! That sounds like a really great night. I bet you’re really glad you went, even though you had to be up early! 🙂

  15. Tristan|the almost right word

    Umm? CUTE!!!! Congrats on a wonderful find (it seems). Can’t wait to hear more about the next date!!

  16. Butterflies! Butterflies! BUTTERFLIES!!!

  17. ♥ Tiffany ♥

    squeal!!!!!!!! how exciting!! sparks!!! i am so glad things are going well. honesty is def the best policy!! lucky you for vday!!

  18. aw, yay! i’m so happy you had a good time and this is progressing nicely for you! 🙂

  19. YAYAYAYAY!! You deserve a good one!!!

  20. holy crap, i’m only reading this an hour later and i’ve got 21 other comments to compete with?! you’re ridiculously famous!

    ANYWAY, i wanted to congratulate you on giving him a second chance and for getting a kiss (or 5) from him. it’s awesome that your friends are so supportive, too. nice to know they have your back if anything does happen, good or bad, but hopefully only good.

    i also wanted to tell you that i completely understand the creepy staring thing. my bf, j, did that the first week we met (we met online through an art website…through our writing, talked for a month, then he flew out to arizona to meet me). when i picked him up from the airport, he would not stop looking at me from the second he sat down in the car. he even stroked my face and neck and arm while i was driving back to my house to get some clothes for the weekend, telling me how much more beautiful i was than he could have ever imagined. it was definitely weird, but at the same time, it felt so right.

    ok, that’s all. i’d probably write a whole book on here if i didn’t think you weren’t going to read it all, haha.

    and congrats again!!

  21. OMG you guys are sooooo cute! I know about 546423 other people already told you that, but I’m so happy for you! He must be a good kisser 🙂

  22. Too too too cute!!

  23. sarahbelledotcom

    Awe, you’ve melted my wee little heart.

    This is adorable.

    I hope you two have a terrific Valentine’s Day.


    (Ps. Good call on the “Yes I have a blog but look at all the other cool things I do, haha. Lying = silly).

  24. YAY!!! Congrats! I am so very happy for you!!!!

  25. Squeeeeeeeeeeeee!!! I am so happy for you! It sounds wonderful.

    Does he have a brother?

  26. what a great date! i take it you’ve gotten over the web cam issue then?

  27. insomniaclolita

    Thats such a good night, im so happy for you 🙂 yay to securing a great valentine date.

  28. Awww I’m soo glad you had such a nice time!!!! I can’t wait to hear about your valentine’s date!

  29. This post made me miss the beginnings of relationships! Cute.

  30. woo! you two sound adorable. so happy for you:)

  31. I’m so happy for you! First kisses are always exciting. And look at you getting yourself a date for Valentine’s Day!

    (If it makes you feel any better…one time I was playing pool and missed the cue ball entirely. Nice one.)


  32. Yay! I’m so excited for you! How super cute!! I can’t wait to hear how it goes! Good luck! 🙂

  33. notthelifeiordered

    Ohhh sounds like a perfect date!!!!! How cute 🙂 I can’t wait to hear more about it, and awesome that you have a valentines date!

  34. YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So happy for you!

  35. Awww! You’ve been kissinggggggg. 🙂

  36. Yay! Congrats Ashley. How sweet–a Valentine.

  37. I just made the loudest “ahhh” sigh when I read the part about him asking you to be his Valentine. He’s a keeper! I really enjoy your blog, Ash. Thanks for all the juicy details. haha

  38. askjdfahsjhfkjf awwwwwwwwwwww. who cares about the cheese because ohmygoodness some cheese is fun every once and a while. and i must say that sounds like one adorable night. yay!

  39. So. Incredibly. Adorable.

    You have a Valentine! I’m so jealous.



  40. SO CUTE!! And I love that he asked to hang out with you on Valentines Day. 🙂

    And cheesy things are great. Dave and I have done Top of the Rock twice. And for our Valentines Day, we’re walking across the Brooklyn Bridge. Yay cheese!

  41. so cute! and it’s so true — guys only come alone if they like the girl!

  42. you are so funny! i was giggling the whole post. girls are funny like that. good luck, i’m so happy!

  43. Wickedly Scarlett

    Totally echoing everyone else here, but awwwwww!!!

  44. The Dutchess of Kickball

    Yay, a kiss! Excellent! Good luck with him, he sounds sweet.

  45. OMG! I went on a first date last night that ended in a kiss too! Both Ashley D.s stirke in lucky!!!

  46. Little Miss Obsessive

    Awwww.. I am soooo happy for you!!! Sounds like you two are off to a great start.. hope it just keeps getting better!!

  47. I loved this! I’m so happy for you and I hope it works out!

  48. aww yay yay yay yay yay!!!!

  49. awwwwwww YAY!!!!!

    this is TOO sweet.

    and i’m a big fan of cheese as well so needless to say i totally thought “sleepless in seattle” when i heard the empire state building part.


  50. I can’t believe I am just seeing this!! So cute! Bring on the cheese!!


  51. I hate being behind on the post, but grad school is crazy lol. Anyway sounds like a great time and you got a Valentine too. Cool. I didn’t think women liked to be told they were beautiful in the beginning stages, but I guess each woman is different. Glad things have worked out.

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