Too much pink?

A few weeks ago I wrote a post asking for your input on potential graduation dresses. Dress #2 (the hot pink one from Target) got the most votes and since my mom was sweet enough to mail me a Target gift card, I decided to order it online.

Well, it arrived a couple days ago and I absolutely love it. I knew from the minute I opened the box that it would be one of my two graduation dresses (there are two ceremonies so I need two dresses). I think it fits that fine line between dressy and casual. It will be cool enough if it’s hot the day of the ceremony, and it will be comfortable enough to wear when we go to dinner that night. Win.

I’ve also spent a good amount of time browsing dresses on ebay the past few weeks. One night I found a cute, flowy light pink dress. Not thinking anything would come of it, I placed a bid. Can you blame me, though? The dress was only $5.00! Less than an hour later I received an email saying I had won the dress. I was shocked, but also really excited!

The dress came in the mail yesterday. Surprisisingly it was much prettier in person and much dressier than I expected. I thought it would be a cotton fabric and it’s not. I’m not sure if it’s “graduation” attire and I’m not too crazy about the flowery lace at the bottom, but I think it’s still a keeper.

What do you think? Is it appropraite for a graduation ceremony?

If I do decide to wear the second dress to graduation, is it bad that both my dresses will be pink?

Also, what shoes should I wear with both?



29 responses to “Too much pink?

  1. Those are adorable dresses. I am jealous because I was just looking at dresses yesterday and didn’t find very much.

    I say both are good. YOu only graduate once!

  2. I’m loving both dresses! I think they would both work for graduation, as well.

    How exciting! When is graduation for you?

  3. Oooooh, I love the hot pink dress!! Definitely a winner! x

  4. I love both of those dresses. I really like the dress from ebay. it’s so cute! I would wear both.

    As for shoes, I think you should go for a silver color strappy sandal. That would compliment both dresses!

  5. I think the first one is very cute and vibrant and great! The second one, however, doesn’t flatter your figure well (it’s too billowing near the chest/arms and throughout the torso). Also, although I like the color in general, I think it might wash you out in photos and looks a bit outdated. I think you can find something much more contemporary. Sure, it was only $5, but I would look elsewhere for such a photographed event.

  6. I love #1, Target dress, best! I think it's just lovely & fun & flirty & fabulous – all of those wonderful "F" words : – )

    How about a fantastic, multi-colored peep toe pump, or if you need a bit more comfort an adorable, bronze gladiator sandal might be just right…

    Have fun!

  7. insomniaclolita

    I like the first dress better, use heels to compliment it. Either strappy sandals, pumps, or peeptoes in dark color 🙂

  8. I love them both! I would wear heels with the first, and maybe some cute silver flats with the 2nd?

  9. I love you in the first cute!!!!!!!

    I like the 2nd (and there is NEVER to much pink)..but, I think it doesn’t measure up to the first..but it does look so cute!

  10. I love them! They both look like graduation attire to me. I bought my graduation dress last weekend, and it’s black, which I was a bit uncertain about, but I hope to add some color with jewelry. It’s a shame that we’ll be covered up by gowns most of the time anyway.

  11. i love the first and like the second. i agree it looks a little loose around the upper part of your body. spending a little on alterations to take it in/make it right might be worth it. congratulations!

  12. thatShortChick

    I’m voting for the Target dress, love the color!

    I think the second dress looks a bit too loose fitting at the top but it’s still cute and a great deal.

  13. I love the hot pink!

    Considering how much you spent on the light pink dress maybe you could get some alterations done to the top to make it fit better?

  14. I think both dresses look fabulous! Seriously, very appropriate for graduation. I like the idea of silver strappy sandals or flats for both of them.

  15. Oh I LOVE the first one, it looks great on you!! The second one looks really nice and I don’t think it looks to dressy but then again I don’t know how “formal” your graduation is.

    I seriously LOVE the colour of the first one though, I wish I could pull off that colour!

  16. Joy @ Big Time Fancy

    LOVE the first one. Notsomuch the second. The overly blousey top would annoy the hell out of me.

    But if you like it, that’s what matters.

  17. I really like the first one and don’t think it’s bad to wear two pink dresses to graduation. They’re different shades/styles.

    As for shoes…what about silver sandals? I just bought a pair to go with a light yellow dress and I’m really looking forward to wearing them with, like, everything in my closet.

  18. ooh i love them both but I love the hot-pink more! As a brunette myself I tend to wear bright colours and avoid the paler ones as they make me washed out.

    That being said I’d definitely get the ebay one tailored at the top so it’s not as loose. It looks too big!

  19. I love the hot pink dress! It fits really well. The other one is a little big on you, but it’s also very cute.

  20. Love the first dress! I have actually been looking for something to wear to L’s sister’s graduation and everything i found was too expensive. I think i’m going to order this!! thanks!!

  21. My favorite is the 1st one, but the 2nd one is super cute. I don’t think it’s too much pink especially since they are vastly different shades of pink.

  22. I like them both, think they’re both appropriate, and am not concerned about the pink. Go for it!

  23. Very pretty dresses! They are really cute! I think I prefer the hot pink one better, but both could be worn to a graduation!

  24. I already loved the first dress, but the seond one is wow! I really love it. I don’t think its too much pink at all and I definitely think its graduation material. Good luck on your decision! The good thing about those colors is you can choose to go dark like black or brown shoes or light like silver, white, or natural shoes.

  25. i love the target dress on top, so adorable and so fun!

  26. new clothes! and an excuse for new shoes! i love it!
    i realllly like the first dress… i say go for some funky shoes!

  27. i agree with a lot of people on here. they’re both pretty and appropriate for graduation, and I don’t think it matters at all that they’re both pink! have fun with it!

  28. Zeba Talkhani

    I am not really sure whether I have the right to give you my opinion on such an important day of yours as I don’t even know you. But I feel the need to tell that the hot pink dress is better as it is complimenting your skin tone better and seems to fit you better as well. The one is good enough too.

  29. I LOVE the 2nd one! I think a cute strappy brown heel should work for both? That way you could wear a cute brown clutch and really pull the hot pink one together. Tre cute my dear.

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