Would you like fries with that?

It’s Wednesday! Wednesday means I’m in Honduras and hopefully ziplining through the rain forest, but don’t worry, Lacey from Perks of Being a JAP is here. I’ve met Lacey in real life and I can promise you that she’s just as hilarious as she seems in her blog. Lacey, let’s hang out again soon!


Hello everyone in the TR world!! I’m Lacey Bean from the blog known as Perks of Being a JAP. When Ashley tweeted for guest bloggers during her cruise (JEALOUS), I hopped on board. (Get it? Cruise? On Board? Ok fine.) But then, as any guest blogger does, I began to freak about what to write about!! So, on behalf of Ashley graduating from grad school (YAY!), I bring you – jobs I had before my first “real” job.
Counselor at a Jewish Center day camp for toddlers. I’m not even sure that I would classify as a “counselor” since I was 16 at the time, and I mostly changed diapers all day. Before this job I could change a diaper, sure, but after this job, I could change a diaper without looking while the kid was standing up. Skillz. It also provided many a babysitting job after the summer was over, which was fun for awhile. This job paid crap though, l worked for the entire summer and made $300 bucks. Granted it was my first job and I only worked from 9am – 1pm, but still. Cheap Jews. 🙂
Bagel Store Employee – the next summer I worked at Manhattan Bagel, which was strangely named being that it was located in Queens. This was actually an ok job – I got to eat all the bagels I wanted, which for a Jewish girl = heaven! I also worked with my d-bag boyfriend at the time, who I later broke up with because I finally realized he was a d-bag. I quit this job in the fall of that year by writing my resignation on receipt paper, and taping it to the employee schedule. Very professional.
Claire’s Accessories – Oh yes, I worked at Claire’s. And do you know what else I did? I pierced ears. Can I tell you how scary that is? The first time I did it? I cried. The guy who showed me how didn’t show me properly, and I almost scarred a little girl. Thankfully her mom was ok and let us finish, but I felt so horrible, and went into the back room afterwards and cried. Afterwards I became a piercing pro, and when my coworkers and I were bored we would pierce each other (when our boss wasn’t there.) I used to love calming down the little girls who were scared to get their ears pierced by showing them the 8 holes in my ears (we were bored a lot) and my belly button piercing. I was like, if I can do all this, you can get your ears pierced!!
My boss there was also a psychopath, and used to tell us in detail what she and her boyfriend did in bed. Gross. I won’t go into detail because it’s really not ok. I also worked with a gay drag queen (he didn’t dress in drag at the store, but did dress as Britney Spears for Halloween), and a girl who had an affair with a married bus driver who worked on our street, and may have had his child after I left. What a fun place.
Upscale store in Long Island – After I quit Claire’s I needed another job, and my aunt hooked me up with a job in a jappy (aka ritzy Jewish) town in Long Island. Man this was a HUGE culture shock for me. Here I was coming from Queens, where clothing was pretty cheap (at least what I bought at the time) and people here were paying $75 and up for sweatpants!!! I wound up working here for 2 years while in college, and became very familiar with the Juicy brand of clothing. (And I still own some to this day. They’re comfortable!) The boss here was also a little crazypants – she was jealous of everyone in the town who was better off than her, and had also worked in the store since she was 17! (She was then married and had two kids at the time.)
College Bookstore – this was the last job I had during college, and possibly the best since I was able to make my own hours around my class schedule, and also get a percentage off my textbooks! (That was seriously the best part. At least to my parents who were paying for them.) I totally took advantage of this job, and sometimes didn’t show up when I didn’t feel like it. And I got to see my friends a lot, since the store was right in the middle of the student center. When I graduated I stopped working there, but definitely had a slew of college sweatshirts from the store to fill the void.
And now, 5 years after graduating (oh god that makes me feel old) and 2 “real” jobs later, I can look back at these part time jobs fondly. Even the ones that I hated at the time. What about you all? What part time jobs did you have back in the day??


7 responses to “Would you like fries with that?

  1. I worked at Manhattan Bagel too (in North Carolina!). I know that menu like the back of my hand. Great White Tuna, anyone? 🙂

  2. I used to pierce ears too and loved it! I, like you, hated it at the beginning and felt horrible "hurting" someone but after awhile I enjoyed it and loved seeing the girls grin when they got that first look at their new pierced ears!

  3. i started out babysitting when i was like 12. on the day i turned 15, i started a job as a bagger at the grocery store. three months later i upgraded to a server at a&w and stayed all through high school! it was an awesome job!

  4. Ana from far away!

    During college I had 3 jobs… My first job was doing telephone surveys… YES annoying and I apologize to everyone I´ve ever called for a survey. After 5 months of people yelling at me and hung ups I quit. Then I started working at a sports book, so here I was a little bit more relax because I didn´t have to call anyone, but people were still yelling at me through the phone haha… 1 year and a half later I finally found a job related to my career and I was soooo happy. Then I had to quit for my final internship before graduating, and now here I am looking for my first real job! Hope it I get it soon!

  5. Princess of the Universe

    I worked at a race track for 10 years- through high school and University. WAY too long, but it paid well at the time and I learned to toughen up. (what with all the alcoholic gamblers…)

    Le sigh – I love Juicy – especially their accessories.

  6. Those are some great stories 🙂 I've worked at quite a few restaurants, but held the longest restaurant job at Texas Roadhouse as the Hostess Manager for 5 years, and also was the Front Of House Coordinator (orientated new employees, did all the front of house employee paperwork, ordered their uniforms, was involved in their training, etc) and an Opening Trainer (went to help open a new store in another city). My life revolved around that place. Now I work at a doggy daycare (for the past 2 years) and I couldn't be happier. I work here full time and I'm doing online schooling through my community college for Web Design (which I'm hoping to own my own business with).

  7. I worked at Old Navy when I was 16 and hated the job there. All I was doing all day long was folding clothing and bugging anyone who walked past if they wanted to open a credit card. SO ANNOYING. Plus they wanted me to call in 2 hours before my shift to see if they needed me. Umm hello I was in high school I couldn't really do that. Then I started working for a local diner and lasted there 3 and a half years. During that time I worked 2 other jobs as a receptionist and as a floral arranger. Hey I had to put myself through school but it was a lot of fun.

    Now I work at a "real" job but also work for a concession stand on the weekend. Talk about a crazy schedule.

    I sometimes miss having those part-time jobs without having a "real" one too.

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