My Friend Bob

So the cruise was beyond fantastic and was literally one of the best weeks of my life. But before I get into all that and fill your reader will posts full of pictures and details of gourmet food, sunburns, and cocktails, I have one last guest post I wanted to share. This post is written by Julie from Wearing Mascara and was supposed to go up last week. Again, blogger was being stupid and not posting the blogs on the scheduled dates. Grrrrr. Julie, I’m so sorry about that!

And to hold everyone over until tomorrow, here is one quick picture from my cruise. Oh Belize, how I miss you!


Hello everyone!

This is Julie from Wearing Mascara. While Ashley is off on her cruise (coughJEALOUScoughcough), I am here to blog! This is my first guest post and I am thankful to Ashley for giving me this opportunity. I hope you enjoy!

Living in the metro DC area can be tricky at times when it comes for meeting new friends. This was no different during the first full summer (2007) I was living here. I had a full time job in northern Virginia while living in Maryland. Making friends at this job was easy – especially when you see people everyday. Making true friends, however, was another story – especially when you wanted them to travel to Maryland. For my birthday that summer, I decided to have a joint party with my boyfriend, Dan, at Dave and Buster’s. We created an online Facebook invitation and many of Dan’s friends (and now my friends too) signed up. I made sure to invite some of my co-workers (they were my only friends at the time outside of roommates). Some of them said they would attend and some of them declined. On the day of my birthday, only one co-worker showed up: Bob. I knew right then that my new friend Bob was a true friend.

It is rare that we find people who inspire us to be better people. Our muse for life. While many people inspire me in different aspects of my life (career, education, family, blogging, etc), Bob makes me want to be a better friend and person. He’s a self-proclaimed nerd (like myself), quirky, and accepts everyone as long as they are true to themselves and respectful of others.

Recently as I was moving out of my apartment, I recruited Bob to help Dan and I move my heavy furniture. As we all know, it’s a pain to move anyone and Bob stood up to the challenge. During the move, Dan and I got into a typical argument as couples do. Let me mention here that Bob is considered a dear friend to both Dan and I. He is never the third wheel when he hangs out with us and we love him to death. Anyways, towards the end of the move, Dan had to leave so Bob and I went to grab some grub. During our conversation, I was venting about the recent situation with Dan. Honorably, Bob looks at me and says, “You know Julie, if I give you my opinion it would go against either you or Dan and I don’t think that’s right.” Right then, I shut my mouth. Dan and Bob are friends. Why did I keep yapping about his good friend? Bob really made me see a different perspective.

Another time, we were eating ice cream. I was bothering Bob with the nitty gritty of an issue I was having (I seem to be having many issues lately! haha). Bob said, “Well you can’t control the situation now. It’s over with. Live in the moment! (He then took a huge bite of ice cream with sprinkles) You’re eating ice cream!” Very true. I was eating ice cream. Why was I being so petty? I need to enjoy life in the present!

While Bob isn’t perfect, he really is the perfect friend. Someone who inspires me to just be ME… only better. When I hang out with him, he encourages me. With other people, I try to watch myself and not talk too much about blogging or psych*logy (my career focus). He once told me that he loves when people have a “nitch” and can easily bring it into conversation. He admires individual differences and ideas.

So, that’s Bob. Who are you inspired by in your real life? I’d love to hear about them!


5 responses to “My Friend Bob

  1. I'm glad you had so much fun on your cruise! Welcome back!

  2. Aww, Bob! What a guy.

    My inspiration? My best friend of nearly 20 (gasp, I know) years, Drew. He is the best of the best, the cream of the crop. And we've been through it all. So much love.

    Great first guest post!

  3. Wearing Mascara

    Thanks Ali!!

    Can't wait to hear about the cruise Ashley šŸ™‚

  4. I just found your blog! Compliments of Julie at Wearing Mascara! I love the move You've Got Mail!

  5. I want to hear about your vacation!

    Also I just gave you an award!

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