Big, messy, cranky day

I wrote this post on Friday but my internet decided to stop working so I never got to post it. Yet another reason I was cranky.

Today is a cranky day.
I didn’t sleep well last night because I kept worrying there were bed bugs crawling over my entire body and eating me alive. CruiseFriend found out her roommate has bed bugs, so they are cleaning out their entire apartment. I’ve been helping carry bags of clothes to the dry cleaners, but then I become extremely nervous thinking the bed bugs have jumped from the bag onto my clothes.  And I was laying in bed sweating because it was freaking hot… so I finally thought “screw it” and turned on the A/C not even caring how expensive the electric bill is going to be this month. Only I really do care because I have no money to pay the bill.

I’m starting to think that money is the devil. Seriously. And my friends are stressed out too, so we just sit around all day and complain about not having money and being frustrated with life and it’s a horribly pathetic scene.

We are managing to still find ways to have fun despite our negative moods.

Yesterday, we found a Starbucks gift card while cleaning our apartment so we treated ourselves to some frappucinos that were delicious. We also decided to act like we were five years old last night and built a tent in our living room. We tied a queen size sheet to four chairs spread around the room, moved my mattress out of my bedroom and onto the living room floor, and laid down to watch Motorcycle Diaries with a bowl of popcorn. It was the quite the delightful evening if I do say so myself.

Except then it was ruined by the imaginary bed bug debacle.

And thus is my life right now.

There are some really good, happy times and also some really stressful, angry times. I’m so ready to move back to Texas and start over again.

5 responses to “Big, messy, cranky day

  1. Aww it’s so cute that you built a tent. I havent’ done that in forever!

  2. Glad you had fun in a small way. Hang in there, things can only get better for you from now on 🙂

  3. Ahh, some people in my apartment got bed bugs several months ago and it totally freaked me out for weeks.

  4. ew yeah i’d be freaked out by bed bugs too! at least there were some bright moments 🙂 here’s to a better monday!

  5. Two of my former employees had bedbugs in their apartment and everyone who had been at their place had been freaking out. One of the visitors had actually brought bed bugs to her place and had to pay 2000 to have it fumigated. The thought of bedbugs just freaks me out, which is probably one of the reasons I don’t like switching apartments every other year.

    YAY! Starbucks gift card! I like finding “surprise money”!

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