I hate UPS

When making my moving arrangements and plans I spoke with a friend who suggested that I ship my boxes through UPS (I am only giving you the link so you can be sure never to use their services again!). She told me that she had shipped through UPS once and they will even pick up the packages from you. I thought this was a fabulous idea since I live on the 5th floor of a building with no elevator. Can you imagine carrying six heavy boxes down 5 flights of stairs, into a cab, and into a UPS shipping center? Not my idea of a good time.

So last Friday I went to the UPS website, registered my pick-up time for Monday between 12pm-4pm. Yesterday I waited… and waited… and waited. At 4:30pm I called UPS customer service. They were friendly and apologetic saying they were sorry for the inconvenience but that my packages should be picked up my 7pm. I questioned this, reminding them that my pick up time was schedule for 12pm-4pm. Apparently since the pick up was at a residence (my apartment) they can pick it up anytime before 7pm. To which I thought, “kind of inconvenient, but alright”. I already had dinner plans, so I asked my roommate to wait until 7pm incase UPS showed up. Of course, they never came.

I called customer service again at 8:45pm. “We’re so sorry”, I heard again. Yeah thanks, but that doesn’t help you ship my packages! I was told that the driver would be to my apartment some time that evening. “What time?”, I asked. “We don’t know, but definitely before midnight. You can leave your packages outside if you want and the driver can pick them up there.” Umm… this is New York City. There is no way I can leave six boxes sitting outside on the street. So I asked the lady on the phone for her name. She was very nice and said to call back if my packages weren’t picked up by midnight. 12am rolls around and guess who isn’t here? So I called customer service again. But wait! They close at midnight! No one answered my call.

I sent an angry email to UPS customer service and went to sleep.

(Also, I just want to say that it sucks that I’ve wasted my last 2 days in New York waiting for UPS to pick up my boxes. I had plans to be touristy and have fun with friends… but no. I am sitting in my apartment waiting for UPS to ring my door bell. And I am not the least bit happy about it!)

This morning I woke up at 8am. I called UPS (for the 4th time!) and explained my situation. Again, I heard “I’m sorry, ma’am”, but that doesn’t help. Then I was told that the shipping center would call me back in a few minutes. Okay…? Three minutes later my phone rings and the lady tells me that I must call the 1-800 number again to schedule another pick up. Seriously??? I made sure that I would not be charged for this since it costs money every time you schedule a pick up. She told me I wouldn’t.

I scheduled another pick up for today and then asked the lady if there was any way I could receive a discount for waiting 12 HOURS YESTERDAY and also having to wait ALL DAY TODAY! She told me no. “Seriously?” I asked. “No, I’m sorry ma’am, the only thing I can do is guarantee an early pick up today.” Well that would be fantastic, but it doesn’t really make up for the 12 freakin hours I lost yesterday. She was very nice and called the driver, called me back, and said he should be here before noon. It’s now 9:27am.

Wanna start taking bets what time they come, if at all?

UPS, you suck, and I will NEVER, EVER be using your services again. I HATE YOU!


18 responses to “I hate UPS

  1. It totally sucks that you wasted your last few days in NY waiting on UPS. I would have asked to speak to her manager or something. You definitely deserve some kind of reimbursement.

    That being said, I wouldn’t give up on all UPS centers. Maybe because it’s a big city, the service is lousy. I live near Louisville, KY (much much smaller) and I LOVE the UPS driver who manages our area. He’s friendly, always on time and makes special trips to my work to deliver my personal packages. Maybe the UPS in Texas will be nicer!

  2. i’m so disappointed because I planned on using UPS to pick up my stuff and ship it home. GRRRR. I HATE UPS for you! You definitely should call and talk to supervisors until you get a discount. They should NOT have kept you waiting that long, if they can find out from the driver that he will be here before noon today, then they could have figured it out last night too.

  3. Oh geez–I would be livid!

    What a pain in the ass. I hope everything gets straightened out–I would at least make them give you free higher priority shipping or something expensive like that.

    Good luck!

  4. Aww if it makes you feel better, I ordered a macbook from the apple store and it was stolen from the fed ex place 😦

  5. Wow I can’t believe they still didn’t come! How can you schedule a pick up and they don’t show! They’re probably afraid of your 5th floor walk up. That SUCKS.

  6. When I moved from England back to the States, I mailed everything back using the US Postal Service. Not only is it A LOT cheaper than UPS or FedEx, they’ve never lost any of my packages. You can also get tracking numbers for everything and insurance as well. I definitely would recommend using that over another delivery service!

  7. OMFG! I’d be all over a strongly-worded letter to some big cheese when this is all over. I’ve always had decent service from my local UPS people, but that is just ridiculous.

  8. Oh UGH, so sorry for the bad experience. I once did a move by shipping with UPS, but I had an “in”. My parents own their own business and UPS stopped by every day to pick up. Made it a helluva lot easier. Sending positive vibes your way that the pickup actually happened and that’s the worst hold-up you’ll experience in the entire move!

  9. I hate UPS too. Yesterday I saw the UPS truck pull up, but I wasn’t expecting a package so I figured it was for someone else on our street. Well of course, ten minutes later I saw a note on the door to our building that we had missed a package. They never even knocked or tried calling us! SO ANNOYING.

  10. ARGH. The sad thing is that FedEx is no better. In fact, they may even be worse.

  11. That is incredibly disheartening. What a lousy way to spend your last few days. Make sure you put all of this in writing and send it to everyone that you can at UPS. And really “leave your package outside” yeah, not a viable option at all. I would be spitting fire if I were you. I hope they made it there before noon.

  12. oh ew that’s so annoying. i hope they show up today, for their sake at least. because i know i would be livid if they didn’t, haha.

  13. Okay girls here it comes!! Our second Austin Bloggirls meetup tomorrow evening, Wednesday, July 15th, at at 6:30pm! Whoo hoo!! Check your email or the forum discussion for details!!

  14. That is so ridiculous. And, UPS is supposed to have such a great reputation.

  15. Ick, that sounds like a colossal pain. And especially with the stress of moving in general. Bleh.

  16. Yeah delivery services like that can stink. I hate it when you sit around and they claim they delivered it but you were THERE so you know you didn’t get it. WTF?

  17. How awful! When I moved back to the US after living in Spain, I shipped a big box through the US Postal Service and it got back just fine but I had to take it about half a mile to the post office and nearly died from lugging it around. I was hoping to go for the pick up at home for my next move so I wouldn’t have to deal with transporting the boxes but this UPS story is making me think twice.

  18. Ugh. I was so mad while following this whole thing on Twitter. In fact, I am still mad about it. I hope you did lots more letter writing and complaining. That is ridiculous!

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