Home, again

It’s late Friday evening and at this point I’ve been in Texas for 1.5 days. It’s been hot as pancakes, but that’s to be expected in mid-July. Even in the short amount of time that I’ve been here, I’ve been quite busy and having a blast.

Since my arrival in the lovely Lone Star state I have accomplished the following:

  • Lunch at Chick-fil-a with the most delicious chicken nuggets!
  • Two trips to the outlet mall. Ann Taylor is my new best friend.
  • Toured my sister’s new apartment. Jealous!
  • An evening at Blues on the Green. Sitting outside with friends listening to live music? Sign me up!
  • Doggy sat for a friend. I can’t wait to get one of my own. Seriously.
  • Rocked an awesome interview. I really really really hope I get the job! I should know by the middle of next week.
  • Went to a baseball game where we watched the game from a suite! Thirsty Thursday is so much fun!
  • Slept until 2pm.
  • Grocery shopping with  my mom. We bought loads of yummy food!
  • Made cheese, onion, red bell pepper, and mushroom quesadillas for dinner.
  • Watched Sense and Sensibility and loved it almost as much as the book.
  • Plans to go see Harry Potter tomorrow afternoon and also to have lunch with Elizabeth on Sunday!

Needless to say, Texas is amazing so far. I’m so happy to be back and I can’t wait to see where this new step takes me.


16 responses to “Home, again

  1. Aww I love posts like these! It sounds like things are definitely off to an excellent start. Hooray!

  2. Glad to hear everything is going well!
    I love Sense and Sensibility (and sometimes sleeping until 2 pm). I’m in awe of Emma Thompson in pretty much anything she does, but I’m an Austen fan, so S & S is doubly wonderful.

  3. And who says you can’t go home again! Ha-ha.I’m glad you’re feeling good and enjoying!

  4. Good to hear you are having a great time. You sound happy! And, girl, you have gotten more done in 1.5 days then I have in months. I will keep my fingers crossed about the job.

  5. Sounds like a wonderful time – a great welcome to Texas too!

    “It’s been hot as pancakes” – I love this, we need that up here! It was 55 F and rainy all week, I was so sad!

    Have a great time, enjoy, take it all in, hug Elizabeth for me, and be happy!

  6. Sense & Sensibility is one of my favorite books, and one of my favorite movies. I heart Emma Thompson. And I absolutely ADORE Alan Rickman in that movie.

  7. You just can’t go wrong with tostadas! Also, if you ever need puppies to play with, I have two pretty cute ones!

  8. Now I want Chik-fil-a. (The closest one to me is about an hour away, though.) They do have amazing chicken nuggests!

    Glad everything is going well so far. 🙂

  9. Look at you go! So happy to hear you’re doing well over there lady.

  10. I have recently become obsessed with ann taylor and ann taylor loft. I love their clothes!

    fingers crossed for the possible job!

  11. sounds like all is well in TX. I miss living there too. ChikFila alone is worth the move back!! LOL!! Thankfully we have them here in TN or I’d be seriously considering relocation. Yay for the baseball game from the suite – awesome!!

  12. Ah, so excited you get to have lunch with Elizabeth on Sunday! Missed meeting her at the last 20somethings meetup!

  13. I’m glad everything is going so well! Can’t wait to hear about the interview.

    And also, having a dog is the best thing ever.

  14. Did you watch the version of Sense and Sensibility with Emma Thompson, Kate Winslet, and Hugh Grant? I love that movie! It’s one of my favorites. I actually prefer S&S the book to P&P.

    • Yes! It was such a good movie! I watched P&P again last night and didn’t like it as much as I remembered. I think I must read the books again and see which I like best.

  15. sounds like the perfect homecoming! glad everything is working out so well already, woo!

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