(500) Days of Summer

Have you ever seen a movie and felt like it perfectly expressed how you felt at that exact moment in time? Maybe the plot did not mirror your life, and maybe you were nothing like the characters on the screen, but somehow you still felt such an intimate connection to it. Has that ever happened to you?

I’ve heard a lot of people say they feel this way about certain songs, and that has happened to me as well. But I think movies are different. They are longer, and more visual, and lead me to develop deeper emotions than the short 3 minutes of a song. I guess that’s why I love watching movies so much. But I’m getting sidetracked.

Yesterday I saw a movie that made me feel this way. 500 Days of Summer. I knew within the first 30 seconds that it would be my new favorite movie. I had already fallen in love with the artistic expression, the music, oh the music!, the adorable dimples on Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s cheeks and Zooey Deschanel’s bright blue eyes.

Since the credits began rolling yesterday, I haven’t been able to stop thinking about this movie. It was beautiful. It moved me like nothing else has in a really long time. It was a realistic representation of how relationships evolve over time (something I have been spending a lot of time thinking about lately). It showed the ecstatic happiness when you first meet, the falling hard for someone, and the heartbreak that ensues when it’s ending. It showed the uncertainty and then the magic. It showed the giggles and laughs, and it showed the anger and tears. It showed what happens when one person in the relationship feels differently than the other. It showed how they move on.

It showed growth and change.

And isn’t that what we are all stumbling to achieve in this messy series of events called life?

Maybe that’s why I love this movie so much. It showed me, in a beautiful way, exactly what I am doing.


17 responses to “(500) Days of Summer

  1. Ugh! I haven’t seen it yet. I can’t wait either. I’m gonna hafta see it soon.

  2. I love when movies have that affect. I want to see this sooo bad because everyone has raved about it!

  3. hi there lady! god, im sorry i got lost here for a while. i haven’t been able to find your blog and finally found one of your comments on another blog… and, well, here i am! glad i found you again!

    ive been wanting to see this movie as well! glad you liked it!

  4. I saw this movie at a film festival a few months ago and I’ve been looking forward to seeing it again. I really related to both of the main characters and I loved the style. The director said they made the movie have a blue color scheme just to bring out Zooey Deschanel’s eyes πŸ™‚

  5. I can’t wait to see this movie, and just by the way you described it I’m sure this will be one of my favorites and on my list of movies to buy!

  6. I’m dying to see this! I love anything with Zooey Deschanel.

  7. So cool! Now I need to see this movie.

  8. This is on my must -see movie list. After reading your review/how it made you feel, I’ll have to see it sooner rather than later =) It’s great to feel a connection with art/cinema/music, isn’t it?

  9. I want to see this movie so badly!!! It looks like I’ll just have to go see this by myself.

  10. I’m dying to see it after your even just glimpsing your review, and then reading it all!! Growth, change, music, artistic expression, Zooey Deschanel – I am sold!!

  11. i just saw this movie on monday night and i completely loved it too! i had a feeling i knew how it was going to end but i loved the way it played out.

    i found that i was able to identify with both characters for different reasons (i currently have summer’s mentality on relationships, but i’ve been in tom’s shoes before). mostly, i really enjoyed the fact that it wasn’t just another typical boy-meets-girl story. πŸ™‚

  12. I am SO glad you loved this movie. I am in love with it, and don’t plan on getting over it anytime soon!

  13. I really want to see this, but it’s not playing in my city. I guess I’ll have to make the drive into LA! Sounds worth it.

  14. I really, really want to see this movie but its not playing anywhere local just yet. Reading this post just makes me want to read it all that more.

  15. I agree. it’s easier to get the connection with a song, then with a movie. When it happens with a movie it much a stronger to, don’t you think? Like you said, you can’t stop thinking about it. How often does that happen with a song? It’s often the strangest movies you get this connection with to.For me, the last two were twillight and sumdog millionaire. even though there are not a ot of vampires or evi indian gansters in my life! lol

  16. I love when a movie moves you like that. Haven’t seen it yet, but I’m hoping to go this weekend!

  17. I definitely want to see this movie now!

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