Gap Jeans Party and a Giveaway!

Last Friday I hosted my party for GAP and Brand About Town.

Before I get started can I just say that GAP and Brand About Town are my new BFFs? They sent me two huge boxes a few weeks ago filled with goodies for the party. One box was stuffed with the jeans. GAP sent me the Sexy Boot, Real Straight, and Always Skinny in sizes 0-12. Amazing! In the second box I found 25 super cute “Born To Fit” canvas bags, 20 vouchers for FREE JEANS (which I used a few to get jeans in sizes 14 and 16 for the party), two $50 gift cards to the GAP, and several %25 off coupons, a digital camera, and a flip video camera to capture the fun times. Also included were bags of popcorn, adorable “Born To…” M&Ms, and a “Born To Snack” ceramic bowl. It was literally everything I needed to throw a fabulous party!

Luckily I have two of the most awesome best friends a girl could ask for (Seriously, thank you so much, girls!), who helped me throw the party. We set up shop in my friend’s apartment and around 7pm girls began arriving. I think there were about 23 girls total. We chatted for a bit, snacked on some delicious food (pasta, shrimp cocktail, chips and dip, veggie and fruit trays, and chocolate chip cookies, YUM!), drank some wine, champagne, and beer, and then began trying on the jeans.


I must say, the jeans were a HUGE hit. Everyone kept commenting on how soft, stretchy, and comfortable they were. You can definitely tell that GAP has completely re-engineered their jeans and how they fit. The Sexy Boot were the most popular at the party, even with the necessary hemming most girls will need (hey, we can’t help if we are short!). Personally, I love the Real Straight. They are a lower rise, which I like, with a straight leg opening so they don’t flare as much as the boot cut and they aren’t as tight as the Always Skinny. They are all great though; you must go check them out yourself!

If you are looking for a new pair of jeans and you aren’t a fan of any of these styles (but how could you not be???) there are other styles available in the store. GAP’s new line of jeans include a Curvy, Long and Lean, Perfect Boot, and Boyfriend cut. Each style is available in a variety of washes from dark to light, so you should be able to find at least one pair that you love. I was curious a few days before the party, so I went into the store and tried on the other styles. And seriosuly, they are amazing. I may have to splurge and buy myself a pair of the Long and Lean because, omg, they are fabulous!

We had so much fun taking turns in the “fitting room” (aka bathroom) and strutting our stuff in a make-shift fashion show. After trying on the jeans we continued with a game where the two winners were given the $50 gift cards. I think it’s safe to say that everyone had a good time and looooved the jeans.

In case you needed any more proof, here’s a video:

Vodpod videos no longer available.

So yes, the party was so much fun. Everyone left with a pair or two of jeans or a voucher. WIN. I didn’t want to leave my blog friends out of the fun though, so I saved you guys two vouchers! Yes, this means it’s time for a giveaway!

Here’s how to enter:

1. Leave a comment telling me why you would love a new pair of jeans (one entry).

2. Tweet about the contest on Twitter and leave a link to your tweet in the comments (one entry).

3.Β  Write about the contest on your blog and link to it in the comments (one entry).

You have up to three entries for a chance to win a voucher for a FREE PAIR OF GAP JEANS with a value of up to $69.50!

Contest ends Monday, August 17th at midnight so get your entry in now! And go!


74 responses to “Gap Jeans Party and a Giveaway!

  1. I’ve never had a pair of gap jeans…I’d love to try them!

  2. I would love a new pair of jeans (if the coupon works in Canada) because I love love love Gap jeans and wear them literally every day that I leave the house. Literally.

  3. I’ve never had a pair of Gap jeans either. I love a great-fitting pair of jeans, though! (And since I can wear jeans to work, they’re perfect for any occasion.)

  4. I never thought I liked straight leg, but tried them on at a party and loved them πŸ™‚

  5. chasingparadise

    Gap jeans are the best. I really love the Long and Lean…great with a pair of tall heels! I’m that weird height and leg length combination where I have trouble finding jeans that are the right fit and length, but I always have luck with Gap. I’d love a new pair because I only have 2 pairs of jeans after I lost all that weight! And jeans are expensive!

    Here’s my tweet:

  6. JEANS! My obsession. No, seriously, I kind of collect them. Is that bad? I need a new pair of jeans because currently all the ones I own are the super dark wash, which is fine but sometimes a girl needs a lighter pair. Also? My Long & Lean Gap jeans are a few years old so I could use a new pair… or maybe the boyfriend cut since I hear those are super spectacularly cute?

  7. I’m wearing the same jeans I wore in high school. Let’s not discuss this.

  8. I need a new pair of jeans! I don’t own any jeans from the Gap so I would love to check them out (and get a pair, for free!)

  9. i used to have the WORST luck with gap jeans, and would love to try them again!!

  10. This is great, and I think it was a fabulous idea for you to use some of those vouchers to get more sizes for your party. Very thoughtful! However, I should probably be disqualified from this contest because I think even the biggest size of Gap jeans wouldn’t fit me. So don’t count this comment as an entry!

  11. I would love a new pair of jeans because fall is coming!

  12. I own a lot of jeans, but no Gap… strange, huh? I’ve always been kind of turned off by their denim, but I feel like they’ve made a step in the right direction, and I’d really love to review one of their pairs on my blog!


  13. What a fun giveaway! I am SUCH a jeans person, but I’ve never had the perfect pair! Probably because I’ve never been able to afford a nice pair, so all of mine cost $25 or less πŸ™‚

    Thanks for sharing the GAP love!

  14. WOW. This is so flipping awesome!

    I would absolutely LOVE a new pair! I usually get mine at Target (no shame.. they’re just cheap!) and I’d love to own a pair that actually last for more than a few months.

  15. Glad your party was so much fun! I totally need a new pair of jeans…I have legit one pair that fits that I’s sad lol

  16. Who doesn’t love a new pair of jeans? I actually don’t have any from Gap, so I need to try!

  17. I definitely need a new pair of skinny/straight leg jeans. My old pair from Charlotte Russe has shrunk so much that they’re skin-tight and that’s just not the look I’m going for. I would love to get the straight or boot cut ones you mentioned. It’s definitely a “gap” in my wardrobe at the moment.

  18. A pair of GAP jeans would be AMAZING! A brand new pair is definitely not in my budget so I usually get mine used off ebay, which is awesome but a NEW pair would be incredible!!!!
    These parties sound incredible, thanks for sharing with US!

  19. I would love a new pair since all the jeans I own have shrunk in length and are too short for heels 😦 I’m so tired of having to wear flats!

  20. i’ve actually noticed that none of my jeans seem to fit right lately (too big, so i guess i can’t complain!)….and these jeans seem amazing! I’d LOVE a new pair!

  21. I’m single now, so I really need some good jeans!

    I agree with the folks who are amazed and impressed with these parties you peeps are throwing. Incredible. Feel free to send some shrimp whether or not I win the jeans. πŸ˜‰

  22. I would love a pair of jeans because I need jeans! Gap is one of the few stores that carry long length jeans, so I really appreciate them for that. Most places just carry petite and regular and it’s not fair. I used to end up having to get really expensive designer styles to get ones that were long enough for me.

  23. I just had a baby, so I could definitely use a new, cute pair of jeans!

  24. I need a new pair of jeans desperately! I’m tall and have a hard time finding the right fit, but Gap jeans have always been good to me. This sounds like such a fun party.

  25. I recently gained some poundage and I need some jeans that don’t make me want to collapse into a puddle of tears every time I try to squeeze them over my fat ass.


  26. Ooooh sounds fabulous!!! I recently lost 10 pounds so I REALLY need some new jeans πŸ™‚ I had no idea Gap had such great ones!

  27. Tailgating season is coming up soon and I’d love some hot new jeans to wear. Yes, one must look cute at football games. Never know who you’ll meet…

  28. Hey Ashley, great giveaway! I would love to win these because I am a designer jeans wh0re, but I’ve had to severely cut back on my clothing budget lately, so I could use a new pair!

  29. I *need* a new pair of jeans in a bad way! The 2 pair I currently own are on their last legs. Ha! πŸ˜‰

  30. love it all. i’m so excited to go to a gap party this weekend, i know it’s going to be amazing πŸ™‚

  31. Hey Ashley! I would love to win! I desperately need a new pair of Gap jeans as my previous ones have been worn to shreds! Pick me!!

  32. I love the video, and I love the jeans I got with the coupon! The curvy ones are soo comfy, and perfectly stretchy!

    The guy at the store said to save the voucher for maternity jeans since the 25% coupon could be used only for a short while, so that was a double win!

  33. Your party looks like a lot of fun! Brand About Town and Gap are helping some great blogging throw some awesome parties.

    Love the new header!

  34. i would LOVE a new pair of jeans from Gap because i love their clothes and i could use a new pair for school this fall!!

  35. Also, I think it was so nice of you to use the free jeans cards for larger sizes…that is a good idea!


    I seriously REALLY need a new pair of jeans and I will tell you why! First of all, after graduating college I still have not found a real job, so my funds are limited! Second of all, last year, there I was at a party wearing my favorite jeans and I dropped it like it was hot and my pants split down the ass. Check your email for a photo of this! Worst of all, I was wearing ancient purple Hanes underwear and I was at the house of a guy I was just starting to date. Anyways the last reason I need new jeans is because NONE of mine fit anymore! One day they just… didn’t fit! I’m moving to DC soon and this girl needs some jeans! So pleeeease please pick me!!! Also I tweeted about it, I’m kruseams πŸ™‚

  37. I could really use a new pair of jeans because the pair i have on now are Gap jeans and they are too big and all saggy in my ass. It’s true.

    Also, I will not have a job come Monday and to buy new pants I need some dollars.

    And I’m jealous you had a brand about town party.

  38. Awesome, glad your party was a success!

  39. Sounds amazing!!

    I love jeans. I love denim, really! My old favs at Gap were the Curvy’s, but I think it’s time to try some new ones! So, here’s hopin’ πŸ™‚

  40. i have a really hard time finding jeans that fit me right. it sounds like Gap has really got something for every one!

  41. I need new jeans because I just ripped a hole in my old ones!

  42. I’d love a new pair of jeans since I can’t seem to buy myself any!! Ever since I entered the “real world” aka working full time, I can’t seem to justify buying a new pair of jeans just for the weekends so I only buy work clothes. =/

  43. Perfect timing for a new pair of Gap jeans, as I just discovered the other day that my favorite pair now have a hole :*( I retweeted your contest, and I’ll put a link to my blog if I post about it there! Thanks for the opportunity! – Amy

  44. Jeans are pretty much my favorite article of clothing and honestly, GAP jeans are the only ones that have ever been perfect for me. Love.

  45. I’m on an endless quest for the perfect jean! I have yet to find them and I hope they are at the Gap!

  46. I twittered about it:

    (my twitter is secure so feel free to add me if you’d like) πŸ™‚

  47. my poor overloved 1969 gap jeans i got on sale are threadbare on the booty and have an actual hole on the hip! i’m really looking forward to checking this line out but haven’t gotten the time yet to fall into a Gap, haha

  48. I need new jeans b/c my work started lay offs! I may not have money to buy anything for awhile!

  49. I always need new jeans because they are the ultimate staple. I can wear them to work lots of days, to the bars, bumming around on the weekends, or I can dress them up for a (nonexistent) date with heels. I heart jeans, and you can never have enough.

  50. I went to the GAP and fell in LURVE with these jeans!! GAP jeans have always fit awesome in the past, but my last few trips to the GAP store had left me a little disappointed. This new line seems pretty awesome & I want to give the Real Straight jeans a try!

  51. I would looove to have a new pair of jeans because I only have one that fits! 😦

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  53. I would love to win a new pair of jeans because i’m a college student with a pretty low budget for luxuries like new jeans. Thanks!

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  55. I would like to win these jeans because I have spent all summer trying to be healthy and gain some weight. I did it…but none of my jeans fit anymore, which I am trying to be happy about. I would love to win a free pair!

  56. i would love to win GAP jeans because i’m a poor college kid who desperately needs some new clothes!

  57. I need jeans that fit since mine are all loose.

  58. oh i totally need new jeans! after overcoming my eating disorder my sizes are all over the place….would love some hot pants to fit my hot bod.

  59. I would love to win new jeans because I outgrew them all!!!

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