I have always loved summer, especially as a little kid. How can you not love months off from school and endless days at the neighborhood pool? It was perfect. Then, in my college years, summer was just another semester or two of school only with the addition of 100 degree temperatures. I quickly began to dread the months of June, July, and August.

But something has changed as I’ve gotten older. Now that I’m back from New York, I’ve begun to appreciate the heat and the lazy summer days again. Maybe this has something to do with the fact that I’m unemployed and therefore not stressing about work, but that’s okay. I overhear people complaining and wishing it would be fall already… I disagree. I am loving summer this year.

Summertime in Texas means hours of sunshine and days weeks without rain. It means lounging at the pool with a drink in hand. It means another school year is complete as the anticipation for the following year grows stronger. It means hours of reading on the couch and many afternoons cooling off at the local movie theater. It means new freckles appearing on my fingers and the tops of my knees. It means slow mornings filled with quiet time. It means iced coffee and ice cream cones. It means bright blue skies without a cloud in sight. It means Saturday morning hikes on the nature trail and listening to the birds sing. It means evenings at outdoor concerts with friends and a chilled Dos Equis, or two. It means discovering new music to blast as you drive down the highway. It means neighborhood barbecues and unlimited conversation.

Summer is now my time to recharge. It is my time to sit back and enjoy what I’ve been missing. Summer is what I’ve been needing.

What does summer mean to you?


14 responses to “Summertime

  1. I love this 🙂 summertime means getting away. I always look forward to our family vacations and discovering the sights&sounds of a new city or state.

  2. For me, summertime is about refreshing and recharging for something new. I know that’s supposed to be what the end of the year is about, but there’s something really poetic about lazy summer days leading into the possibilities of another fall.

  3. To me summer means all these things and more. Summer has always been “my” time. This year, I have really made summer my own, it sounds as if you have too!

  4. Great list… for me summer is working on my tan (with sunscreen, I promise), reading as many books as I can, late nights (even if it’s a work night), more sunsets to stare at, long walks with my dog, Dave Matthews Band concerts, margaritas & Mexican food on a regular basis, shopping for fall clothes, sales on summer clothes, and sleeping in as much as I can, whenever I can.

  5. Summer in MN is hot days and cool nights… bonfires… sitting on patios with beers… LONG days (it gets dark LATE here on the longest days of the year…)

  6. Summer means jean skirts and Old Navy tank tops and smelling like suntan lotion all the time. It means afternoon naps with the fan on and evenings on patios drinking slushy drinks. It means PONTOON boats and endless days with the friends. (A lot of us are teachers so we get the whole summer off. Booyah!)

  7. this is kind of my summer to recharge as well before i start graduate school, ahh!! i love the laziness and relaxation of it before i have to start studying all the time and be at my internship!

  8. One thing I hate about Summer in Arizona is that it gets dark around 7:30 since we don’t do DST. I absolutely love monsoon season during the Summer here because it rains and drops 30 degrees for a short amount of hours then rises back to the 100’s.

    I do miss Summer in Seattle where I grew up. Summer evenings with a zip-up hoodie dealing with a sunburnt and sitting on the beach with friends and stargazing.

  9. summer means more margaritas, more wine, more time with my friends, more after work activities, laziness every once and a while and some dips in a pool. man i love summer.

  10. Summer means flip flops, skirts and nice walks outside. It really means to me too going to northern wisconsin where I just came back from. That is the real summer feeling

  11. This post definitely caught the essence of summer perfectly! For me it’s definitely the pool and sleepovers. Now, I don’t have sleepovers – only with my bf. LOL. But, I remember going to the pool with friends only to have a sleepover later that night!

  12. Ugh, I would LOVE for summer to mean heat and warmth but we’ve had the 3rd coldest summer on record. So extremely lame. Can I just come and hang out with you for a week? I can’t handle this!

  13. Ahhh, I breathed a happy, contented sigh as I read this post because that’s exactly what summer means to me. Love the way you worded this.

  14. Oh your summer sounds magical! I’m seriously jealous! Summer as a grownup never ever seems long enough. And it seems like the summer only exists on the weekends. Boo!

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