What 20sb Means To Me

This is my entry for 20sb vlog day. You can also watch other 20sb video blogs here. Enjoy!

Vodpod videos no longer available.

P.S. Don’t forget to enter my giveaway for a free pair of Gap jeans (I also got the video to post so check that out as well)! The contest ends tonight at midnight!


20 responses to “What 20sb Means To Me

  1. Loved this! 20sb has also given me a lot more respect for people who are different.

    You’re adorable. “You’re my best cheerleaders …” Love it.

  2. Yes. Yes and yes.

    I’m glad I got to meet you in my quick trip to NYC earlier this year. I can’t wait until we get to hang out again ❤

  3. Love it!! I love seeing you in ‘action’- and I second everything about everyone being the best cheerleaders. Very very true.

  4. You. Are. So. Adorable! Excellent vlog!! x

  5. You’re the first vlog I’ve seen, and very well said! I still haven’t made mine, but better late than never right? I’m glad I “met” you through 20sb!

  6. RAH! RAH! SIS BOOM BAH! GOOOOOOO ASHLEY!!! (my very lame impersonation of a cheerleader)

    well said!

  7. You’re too cute and I love seeing how eveybody’s interpretations of 20SB are so similar and different at the same time!

  8. Yay, I loved this! You are adorable.

  9. This was a great vlog! 🙂 Thanks for putting it up.

  10. I am glad other people feel as if they’ve met some of their best friends through blogging, because thats how I feel too. To admit that to someone in real life, they don’t get it. Our blogging community is awesome.

  11. I love that we’re all going through similar things in life. It makes it so much easier to put it out there because we know others will understand.

  12. your vlog was great! I’m another person who felt like I’ve met my best friends through 20sb & I’m glad others feel the same too. my IRL friends pale in comparison to my 20sb faves.

  13. You are totally gorgeous, and I say we need to hang out immediately. Come to California? Puh-lease?


  14. Loved it! So cool to put a voice to a blogger!!!

    You’re so right about meeting people who are just like you and who are so different through blogging – I had NO idea about this amazing community before I started!!

  15. You are such a sweetheart! My favorite part is the end when you say, “I hope to meet all of you … and we can hang out and have fun … hope you have a nice day!”

  16. Loved it! Hopefully someday we can hang out and meet up!

  17. How fun that we get to see who the “real” Ashley is! Love putting faces/voices to blog friends.

    Meet and hang out? Sign me up. I vote for a night of TastyKakes, Twilight and whatever else a newbie to Austin should do!

    I wasn’t a cheerleader in my real life, so maybe that’s why I like doing it so much in my blog life!?=) Seriously, though, you’re right. I love the cheerleading/go-get-em attitude that blog friends inspire in me more often than not.

  18. chasingparadise

    I want to go to a meet-up! Anyone up for organizing something early 2010-ish? 🙂

  19. umm heart you times a lot! 🙂

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