The Interview (I’ve lost count what number this is…)

(This post could also be titled “The One Where I Talked About Bubble Baths And The Creepy Old Man” or “The One Where I Make A Complete Fool Out Of Myself In Front Of Nine Strangers”. “The Interview” is just much more concise.)

Today’s interview went… well, I think. Only it seems I’m becoming a little too comfortable answering questions about myself. This is how it unfolded.

I sat in the waiting room patiently. I saw a group of eight women walk out from behind a door, through the waiting room, and into another room. “They seem nice”, I thought to myself. And I waited some more. A few minutes later the Director walked out and greeted me. And then, “This way, Ashley”, as he guided me to a room. The room where the eight women had just gone.


Yes, I had an interview in front of NINE people.

It. was. intimidating.

At first I was in shock. I tried to calm my nerves as the director spoke for a few minutes and each of the women introduced themselves. It was explained that each person would ask me one question and I would have the opportunity to respond and then ask questions, if necessary.

Once I answered the first question I knew I was golden. My confidence level rose. I smiled. I relaxed.

“Tell us about your experiences working with at-risk children.”

Piece of cake.

“Have you ever had a difficult session with a client? How was that for you? What techniques did you use?”

Umm, yeah. I worked with clients with schizophrenia and borderline personality disorder for a year. I had several difficult clients.

So I spoke about that for a few minutes.

“How do you feel about teamwork?”

No brainer! I love teamwork!

“This can be a demanding and stressful position. How do you cope with stress?”

“I’ve learned that it is best, for me, to leave my work in the office when I walk out at 5pm. I try to spend my evenings with family and friends and try to relax. And well, I like to take bubble baths…”

Did I just admit to nine strangers that I like bubble baths? Yes, I think I did.

Thank goodness no one laughed out loud at my answer. I can only imagine what they were thinking. Let’s hope it’s something along the lines of “Oh me too!” and not “Wow. This girl is a freak!”

The questions continued. And then they asked this:

“Sometimes it can be difficult keeping boundaries with clients. Have you ever had an issue with this in the past and how did you cope with it?”

So obviously I told this story. You know, the one about the old man who kept asking me out on dates. That one.

It got a few laughs. Which is good considering I thought I had ruined my chances of being seen a potential employee with the bubble bath comment.

At least I still have a slight chance of being hired. Hey, maybe they’ll think I’m endearing?

20 responses to “The Interview (I’ve lost count what number this is…)

  1. Holy Crap NINE people? I probably would have freaked out and made a complete fool of myself. I bet those woman all went home and took bubble baths.

  2. I have been on a ridiculous number of interviews. Some of them I have come out of feeling terrible about some of my responses to questions. The worst is when there are multiple people interviewing you.

    Good luck!

  3. Umm… I think bubble baths are an essential part of keeping stress free.

    I think you need to have one tonight after an interview with NINE PEOPLE! Holy crap!

  4. Honestly, the best interviews are when you can connect with people. As someone who interviews people nearly everyday, it is so refreshing to have someone who admits they are human – “I like bubble baths.” It is a fantastic response to a question that typically gets a very generic answer.

    Way to go! It sounds like a fantastic interview!

  5. At least you acted like yourself at the interview! Now they know that you weren’t being fake…hopefully that will get you bonus points. Good luck!

  6. At my very first big-girl job interview, this same thing happened to me. I was told I’d be interviewing with the supervisor, only I showed up, was directed to a large conference room, and was met with…7 people staring at me. It was a family-owned business, so all of the children that were partial owners were there, along with the office manager. It was, well, confidence shattering. It was my very first interview! I’d been found through a head hunter so I’d already been through a lot of stuff on the phone and to my surprise, they offered me the job on the spot. Can you imagine saying “I need some time to think about it?” in front of that many people? Yeah I don’t think so. The pay was what I was looking for, so I accepted. In all, it didn’t end up working out. I left two years later. I hope to God they’ve figured out a better interview system since then!

  7. I think that they have to allow you the bubble bath comment because you were in front of 9 people. I wonder how they came up with their interviewing system? Seems a bit… much!

  8. Seriously, in my experience, the more embarrassing details you share with a person (or people) in an interview, the better your chances are.

    Good luck!

  9. I’m sure you did fine for your interview. I know that I always freak out when saying things and think these people must think I’m crazy but you know what I’m sure it will be fine.

    Now go take a nice long bubble bath!! 🙂

  10. Considering I once got an interview based on putting “I am a strong financial supporter of the shoe industry”…bubble baths seem tame. And maybe you’ll stick out!

  11. Hooray for being endearing! It helps people remember you in a sea of interviewees. You’ll be the one who is REAL and doesn’t spout out the pre-printed answers.

  12. They must have been really interested in your resume if all nine of them took the time to meet with you. That’s a good sign!

  13. I’m glad it went well! I think the bubble bath comment probably made you seem less rehearsed 🙂

  14. oh fingers crossed for you!!! hope you get it. and bubble baths are totally normal! if i had a tub i fit in i would totally take baths more often 🙂

  15. Haha, I think you sound absolutely adorable in that interview. And, I’m sure you sounded smart too. Good luck!

  16. I hope you get the job! And I think they probably found your bubble bath comment refreshing!

  17. It sounds like it went well! And I wouldn’t worry about the bubble bath comment – you were just being real and potential employers usually like that. Plus, there weren’t any men so I’m sure there wasn’t some weird feeling about the comment.

    When I went on my second interview for the last company I worked with, I had to interview in front of the entire company, which at the time was about the same number you did. I was completely intimidated as well, but you learn to just loosen up. In a way, I think it’s probably good you’ve been on a few interviews – because you DO get more comfortable talking about yourself and that makes you less nervous and ocme across more genuinely.

    When I first graduated college, I went on interviews when I knew I wouldn’t take the job – just so I had the practice.

    Good luck!

  18. My opinion that this they’re unprofessional, no matter how big they are. More than 3 persons on an interview is just rude (3 is actually a lot). What adds to the point is the quality of questions: “How do you feel about teamwork?” “How do you cope with stress?”. Ancient, canned, and pointless questions.

    Take a look at this management interview questions, there are quite a few questions there that are generic and are usually asked in most interviews.

  19. I’ve never heard of a BOARD of people interviewing someone like this!! Holy… you’re brave!!

    And I love the picture in your sidebar, is that new? You are radiant. And I adore seeing you because for so long you were that little cartoon girl for your avatar, and I still don’t quite believe you’re real. But now it’s like, proof! Every time I comment! lol =)

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