#52 and #86 and Training for a 5K

When I created my 101 in 1,001 I didn’t realize how quickly it would change my life.

I have now begun setting goals, formulating plans for the bigger tasks, and brainstorming about how and when to fit each item on the numbered list into my life. And over the past four days I have managed to cross two items off my list! Hooray!

My friends and family are also helping me stay excited about my list. After telling them about the 101 in 1,001 challenege I was lent a new cookbook for attempting new recipes and was given an invitation for a cruise next summer. I was also reminded that I vowed to run a 5K next Saturday. Which means I should probably start “training” now. But more on that later.

I attacked my first item Saturday morning when I woke up before my alarm at 6:51am. The plan was to meet my friends for a short hike before the hot Texas sun become too unbearable. I say a short hike because the trail is only 3 miles. But it’s full of hills and creeks and twists and turns. It’s a lot fun, especially with two young dogs along for the adventure. And now I can cross 1/5 of item #52 off my list.

Saturday evening I had plans to watch the UT/LMU game with friends. I decided this was the perfect occassion to whip out the new cookbook and master some new recipes. I made Yum Yum Brownies and Chocolate Peanut Butter Fudge. (Both recipes require only a box of cake/brownie mix and a can of pumpkin! Which technically, I know it’s really master of all difficult cooking, but it’s okay!) If you’re all about the quick-and-easy/partially healthy and delicious desserts, you must try these! So good! And they got raving reviews from my friends. 2/52 item #86, crossed off.

But back to the 5K. Seriously, I haven’t run more than a mile… ever. Which means I will be doing a lot of walking come Saturday. I also need to remember to update my ipod and make a motivating  playlist. Any recommendations?? I don’t want to be that girl lagging behind everyone else and looking like a sweaty dog. So please, help me with any tips, advice, and energizing running songs!

Until then, I’m going to get my butt in gear and go for a quick run around the block. Training begins… NOW!


12 responses to “#52 and #86 and Training for a 5K

  1. you need some “eye of the tiger” for sure. 🙂

  2. Good for you! I love making lists!

  3. Artists I love to run with…
    J. Timberlake
    Maroon 5
    Kanye West

    Excellent for Warm Up/Cool Down
    John Mayer
    Jack Johnson
    Elton John

    GOOD LUCK! You’ll be great.

    And congrats on getting things started off on the right foot with your list =)

  4. I started training for a 5k about 3 weeks ago. Both of my ipods broke, so I run without an ipod. It kind of sucks, but I really connect with what is going on with my body and I love it.

    Good job on tackling your to do list. I’ve been dabbling with making my own. I feel more motivated when I know what i’m aiming for 🙂

  5. This is great. I’m glad this list is so inspiring to you already!

  6. I love running to Tilly and the Wall, it has an incredible beat and is kinda indie rock- it’s really good!

    Good luck!! I think the main advice is good shoes & bring a water bottle you can hold easily while running/walking.

  7. New profile pic? It’s LOVELY!

    My fav. running songs as of late are:
    Marilyn Manson- The Beautiful People (he’s weird… but the song works for running! i swear!)
    The Ting Tings- That’s Not My Name
    Ram Jam- Black Betty

  8. check out anything by the Soundtrack of our lives

  9. awesome! good luck on saturday! i’m sure you’ll do great!

  10. yay for crossing things off your list already, that’s awesome. and good luck in the 5k!

  11. This list sounds like SUCH a good idea, a great motivator! I might just have to do one myself. 🙂

  12. How cool that it’s changing your life SO quickly! I need to make one of those lists!

    I love the new profile pic you are using, btw!

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