This Is What They Call Irony

No less than 6 hours after I published my last post did I get a phone call offering me a job.


Cue five minutes dancing, jumping, and screaming around the house. Someone likes me and wants to hire me!!!

Cue calling my mom, sister, and best friend. AHHHHHH!

Cue indecisiveness. OMG what about TRAVELING??

This is a job in Texas, not traveling Asia, South America, or Europe. A job where I have my own apartment, a car, and a daily routine. A job that is dichotomous to the plan I wrote about yesterday.

So now I’m stuck with a decision. I must reply with a YES or NO by 5pm today.

Since I’m horrible at decisions, no less life changing ones, we’re making a list. HELP!


I think the work will be amazing.

It would be my first grown up job which is exciting.

I would feel accomplished and successful.

I would gain a lot experience in the counseling world and be able to use the degree I spent the last two years working toward.

I would have a salary, benefits, and insurance.

I would be able to gain hours toward my counseling license.

I would be able to rent my own apartment and buy my own car- two things that have been on my To Do list for months.

It could also be an adventure…


The pay is not that great; it’s non-profit. (I might even have to get a part-time job on the side, just to pay bills).

I would have to leave Austin, my friends, and family to move to CollegeTown (an hours an fifteen minutes away).

I would have to make new friends (which is also a Pro, but I consider this stressful, so it’s going to be a Con).

My “travel the world” plans would be put on hold… thus giving them the option of never occurring. (Yes, I know I can travel the world later, but it will be much more difficult. And all of the comments on my previous post make me want to pack my bags immediately and jump on the first airplane out of North America).

So blog friends, what do you think? There are a lot more pros than cons, but I think the “traveling abroad” plan is the biggest negative.

What would you do if you were in my shoes?


37 responses to “This Is What They Call Irony

  1. I would say follow your heart but in this case I know that you would go traveling in a heartbeat and I don’t blame you.

    I know how much you want to have your own place, a car, money, etc. and well this job could help you out with all of that. Even though the job seems more practical right now I would go with what your heart is telling you and go and travel.

    See the world. You will have your whole life to work, to get an apartment, to get a car, etc. You might not get the same chance you have now to travel later on.

    So my advice..TRAVEL.

    Hope this helps you some!

  2. It depends on what you want really and that’s not something you’ll be able to get from any of our perspectives. We each value things different and have different priorities, and have had things work out positively and negatively in different ways.

    My story is that when I graduated from undergrad, I moved across the country – from Oregon to *New Jersey* – to work (I wanted to be in NYC, but couldn’t afford it). I didn’t travel the world or do any of the fun stuff some of my compatriots were able to do. However, during the two years I have been working, I have been to Orlando, Boston, Philly, D.C. and ENGLAND. Yes, that’s right. I went overseas for a whole week by myself while I was working. Most people forget – you do get vacation time that you can use for smaller trips, which are generally 1) more affordable and 2) easier to execute and 3) you won’t have to abandon your life for a whole year or more. I know people who have gone to Mexico, Costa Rica, Bahamas, Jamaica, and Spain all while working full time.

    However, if you don’t think you’ll be happy in this position, don’t take the job. Only take the job if you think it will help your life and help you progress towards your goal. If you do, than in a year or so you might be able to move back to Austin, having had the experience the jobs are requiring of you now.

    It’s easy and fun to say “travel the world! let’s go!” but traveling is very expensive. You’ll have to pay for it somehow and considering you haven’t been working and a big pile of loans that you’ve mentioned, how do you plan on paying for it? I’m just saying that traveling periodically while working but might the happy medium you’re looking for. At least for right now.

  3. Goodness, this is a difficult decision! When I had a job dilemma, everyone on my blog told me it was my decision. True. But feedback is also nice. Because if you find that you don’t agree with something, you can tell what your heart is really telling you.

    Do you love the job? If so, I’d be compelled to take it.

    Otherwise, I’m a fan of not tying myself down, so I’d probably take advantage of not having an apartment or car lease or a boyfriend and find a job abroad!

    That’s just what I would do – it’s your life and your decision! πŸ™‚

  4. I think the most important thing to remember is that neither is final. You can travel now, settle later, or stay for a while, and then travel later.

    Do what feels right! But if you want to travel, you’re in a great, not tied down place for it!

  5. This is such a difficult decision. What is your heart telling you to do? As someone who has looked into treaching abroad options, sometimes that process can take months before you actually leave. Personally, I would probably take the job (I loathe student loans) while still pursing the study abroad options. You can find a place to rent month to month, but an older car outright without a payment. If the job isnt what you thought it was or an amazing traveling abroad opportunity presents itself you can always sell the car, break a lease, and leave your position. The best thing about life is that no situation is permanent unless you let it be that way. You wouldn’t be putting down roots, just landing temporarily. Again, thats just what I would do.

    Good luck making this difficult decision. Sending lots of hugs and positive thoughts your way.

  6. I would probably take the job. Just because I would want to get some experience under my belt and start building my career.

    I would be too chicken to leave my family and friends for a whole year and spend my life in a foreign country.

    I LOVE to travel, but my life is here and thats where I want it to be. I live for vacations, but I like my everyday life here.

    But then again I’m kind of boring. πŸ™‚

    I would think about where you want to be 5-10 years and get on the path that is most likely to take you there.

  7. Take the job- travel on your vacation time!

  8. Question: Is there a time frame to get your liscensing hours completed it? If yes, then I would take the job. If no, I would travel.

    I’m in a similar situation now, do I leave the steady job and find something out there (possibly teaching overseas?) or do I stay here and wait for something else steady to come along?

    I think your gut/heart will know what’s right…none of my friends who taught overseas regret one min of it. And I do wish I had done so right after college, but didn’t have the guts at the time…

  9. If it were me, I’d take the job. That work experience is invaluable for you and your resume. And living on your own and supporting yourself is a really great thing. And you can always travel later and if you really care about doing that, you’ll make it happen.

    But that’s me, not you. If the idea of taking this job and giving up your travel plans makes you feel sad, then don’t do it. You know?

  10. Man, this is a tough one.
    The practical Nora says :JOB
    The impractical says: Travel

    Compromising though, no one says that you can’t job first then travel. Travel and Europe will always be there and if you take the job, save some money, then you won’t have to worry about finances while you travel.

    Conversely, you’ve learned that there will likely be some job here for you when you are ready. It may take awhile, but it’s there.

    As frustrating as this answer it is, it’s all up to what you really want (need) at this point in your life.

    No matter what you do, the decision will be the right one in the long-run, this I promise you.

  11. If the job isn’t going to pay you enough to save up to travel then travel now. if you can get cash and experience then travel later

  12. Take the job. You can always quit.

  13. Ohmygosh this is such a tough decision! First of all, congrats on the job offer! That’s so exciting! Yay!

    Hmmm. What to do, what to do?!?!

    On the one hand you might like having your own place, car and maybe a puppy too! And you’d certainly be putting your degree to good use.

    And that’s so neat you’d be working at a nonprofit!

    BUT — if working abroad is something you really want to do in life, maybe you should GO FOR IT!!!! — because, like you pointed out, you don’t have an apartment, job, mortgage, car, dog or boyfriend to hold you back. You might never be in this same situation again.

    I might miss my family or friends too much and be too scared to do it, so maybe you should do it so I can live vicariously through you. πŸ™‚

    Can’t wait to find out what you decide!

  14. I’d take the job but that’s because I like stability. And I agree with other commenters that you can travel while working – and having a job will help you pay for it! As for the nonprofit thing, I work at one and while you don’t make much you do get a ton of experience and make great connections.

  15. If you hadn’t of traveled before, I would say screw the job and go travel. It’d be worth it. But you have so…

    I would take a cold, hard look at finances and see if you can really afford to travel right now. If not, take the job. As someone said earlier, you can always quit later. πŸ™‚

    Also, the longer you are away from a field, the harder it is to get back into it. But seriously, follow your heart. Either way, it’ll be a great experience. Moving IS like traveling… πŸ˜‰

  16. Oh my gosh!! This is such a tough one!

    As someone who considers you a bloggy friend and is trying to keep your best interest at heart, I would say take the job. You have been trying for a job in your field so hard, for so long. Now the universe is offering you a chance to try that life! If it doesn’t work, pack up and hit Asia. If it does, take a month long leave of absence in a year and hit Asia.

    It’s not traveling, but traveling also hits all of the items on your cons list for this job:
    – move away from Austin
    – not great pay
    – have to make new friends and make a new life

    If you had been blogging all summer about how you were dying to get away and go abroad and uproot yourself, I would be shouting at you to get up and get out of the US. But while traveling is a shot at another way of living, so is this. It’s a huge adventure that you’ve been working hard for. I would definitely say that for the way you’ve been imagining your ‘path’ (or the way you’ve been talking about it here), this is a great step.

    Neither is a final decision, but this one seems to be the harder path to access and the one you’ve been hoping for longer. Good luck making the decision!

  17. maybe I’m being all “rose-colored glasses” on this one, but who says you can’t do both?

    you’re definitely going to get vacation time, so travel abroad then? and, even better, you’ll have some money to spend as well!

    but congrats on landing the job!

  18. i know i said, not five minutes ago, that you should definitely travel. but now having read this i think you should take the job, work for a year or two and then take a year or two off and travel. i think it will benefit you more having that counseling experience when you come back versus starting over again. did that make sense?

  19. Oh man… Irony at it’s finest.

    Eesshh. Makes me a little queasy just thinking about it. Wish I were helpful in this situation, but I’m so not. Goodluck!

  20. I really don’t know what to tell you. Although, it does sound like you’re excited about this job offer and your travel idea, albeit a great one, was more of a contingency plan. If you take the job and don’t like it, you can always go back to your original plan b. Good luck with whatever you decide. No regrets.

  21. Travel! Get a job abroad for awhile. It seems like the reason you most like this job is simply because it is a job. The whole reason you moved back there was to find a job there. Now you would have to move again…plus the pay sucks.

  22. I REALLY want to tell you to up and travel, maybe because I want to live vicariously through you. However, I think giving it a shot is a good idea, get some income and experience while you start plotting what you’re going to do in 6 months to a year when you up and hit the world. Like Nicole said, you can always switch. Neither decision is final πŸ™‚

  23. Hmm this is a tough one. I say go with your gut feeling; our instincts are usually right.

    If I was you I would probably take the job even though I really wanted to travel, because I’m just overly practical that way. But if you do decide to do the travelling thing I will commend you for it and think you’re very brave!!

  24. I say if you have the means to travel now, then travel. You just may have to deal with a job offer later on that isn’t as good, or you may get lucky and get one that’s better!! But like others have said, just because you may not travel now, doesn’t mean you can’t even have the chance to do it later.

  25. TRAVEL, I dont think it comes down to practicality at all, It’s not at all “impractical” to travel. In fact, it is the exact opposite. You are young, your whole life ahead of you to work, have a car, an apartment, a family, a job, work, work, work! Traveling now would allow you to gain experience that you cannot get anywhere else, and it would allow you to delve into other cultures, ways of living, etc. Who knows, maybe you’ll realize a different dream for your life! Travel now, while you still have the opportunity. There’s always time to work, but a chance to be completely free of obligations is harder to come by! TRAVEL! It’ll so be worth it!

  26. This job seems like more of a hassle than it’s worth, honestly. And it seems like the part of you that wants it is being pushed by your family a little to “be responsible.”It’s not in a place where you would be happiest living, and you wont be able to afford to live on the pay from it alone. It sounds like a struggle. And If you are going to be struggling, you might as well be doing it while seeing the world! I’d pass on the job.

  27. Ashley, As someone who is old enough to be your mom my thought is that you should take the job. I feel like you need the real world experience and this is a first step. If you do go overseas and teach english you won’t have any more experience then you do now. Imagine coming back to the US in 2 years and trying to find a job and all your experience has been teaching english . One other thought is to try and find a job with the military in one of their schools, surely they need counselors. That would give you both experience in your field and the ability to live overseas. Sorry for being so practical but that is what happens when you age. You are a very interesting young women and anything you do I’m sure will be great for you.

  28. Ditto what Doni said.

    Good luck sweetheart.

  29. take the job honey! not only is it a pragmatic choice (because let’s be honest, its not like people are getting handed jobs left and right), but as a current college student/almost real person, it seems like such a brilliant opportunity to be super independent. yes, you can find yourself while travelling around the world, but you can also find yourself in this situation! make the most of it. if it doesn’t pan out, well, i doesn’t work out. oh well. but you might as well try!

    good luck πŸ™‚


  30. Take the job now and give it 6 months or so and see how you feel then.

    If I were you and chose to travel, I would always wonder “what if I took the job…” and if you choose the job now, you won’t wonder that about traveling because you can always make it happen and stop working to travel.

  31. well i know it’s already past the 5pm deadline for you, so i’m just going to say good luck with whatever you chose and i know it will all work out amazingly either way πŸ™‚

  32. First off, CONGRATS MY LOVE! That’s so fricken exciting πŸ™‚ If I were you, I would take the job considering you have already traveled. Also, who SAYS you can’t travel later? Many people say that but I think it’s a sign that the job offer came TODAY (after your post).

    That’s my 2 cents. Either way you have tons to look forward to. I know you’ll make the right decision either way!

  33. Wow this is a tough one. Personally, I would take it and give it six months to a year. If you don’t like it you can always travel then and save money in the process.

  34. Now your tweets make sense! Congratulations on your new opportunity!

  35. First of all, CONGRATULATIONS!

    I’d take it. But I’m not you, so don’t necessarily go by me! It just sounds perfect for where you’re at right now in life. I hear you on the traveling situation, but the truth is…if you get a job that can serve as a kind of launch pad for you – like this job, potentially – then you can afford to travel more.

    Either way, can’t wait to hear more!

  36. #1. till 5 pm. Thats flippin ridiculous. How inconciderate!

    #2. Travel the world, you will regret it if you dont when your 80.
    Good luck!

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