Yes, I let my logical, rational, adult self win.

I accepted the job offer.

Many of your comments helped me make the decision. You’re right: This is something I’ve been working toward for a very long time. I’ve been job hunting for the last six months looking for a position like this. I could turn it down, but I’m sure I would regret it. I need the experience. I need to connections in the field. I need this opportunity.

And while travel and living abroad was a wonderful plan for this time in my life, it’s not going to happen right now. But that doesn’t mean I can’t do it again later. I would still live to travel, and I’m not throwing the towel in on this plan just yet. Maybe I’ll decide it’s my time next year. Or maybe I’ll never live abroad again, but I can still visit. And this job will help me save money. So hopefully I still get to have all those foreign adventures someday soon, just not right now.

If I hadn’t been given this job, I would be packing my bags right now, no doubt. But I believe things happen for a reason. I got the phone call the same day I wrote that blog post about traveling for a reason. So I jumped on it. I took the job.

And now my life is revolving around finding an apartment, finding a car I can afford, and mentally designed that new soon-to-be-true apartment. I cannot wait.


28 responses to “Employed

  1. How exciting! When do you start/have to move? Be sure to send me your new address when you have it for some Housewarming goodies! I have utter confidence that you’ll kind of love (in a weird way) your first job. It’s a jumping off point and you’ll be great.

    Also, I gave you the most random (and fun!) award on my blog today =)

  2. Congratulations! How exciting! I can’t wait to hear more about your new job…I hope you love it!

  3. Congratulations! You made a terrific decision. I hope the job is fantastic, and even if it isn’t.. Even if you leave it to go travel, you’ll have the experience from it when applying for jobs when you come back.

    Very, very exciting for you!!

  4. I think you made the right decision 🙂 And all that stuff you mentioned in the last paragraph sounds exciting to me! Stressful, but fulfilling. Just like traveling would be!

  5. This is great! Congrats! I really think that this is a great choice for you and also that even though you won’t be abroad, this experience will be really good for you, both personally and professionally. Having a job and living on your own is so fantastic. Seriously. Yay! So excited for you.

  6. Congrats!

    Hope the job turns out to be all kinds of awesome.

  7. CONGRATULATIONS! I think you made the right decision. Good luck with getting settled!

  8. I’m happy for you Ashley. I think you’re making the right choice 🙂

  9. Congrats on the job woman! (But I still want to keep picking your brain about that other stuff :))

    Way to go!

  10. CONGRATS!!!! Good luck 🙂

  11. It might not be the FUN choice, but I think it’s the right choice. I agree with everything you said. And I’m glad the other commenters agreed with me – I thought maybe people were going to say I was an old-fogie who had no sense of adventure! which, of course, is totally not true. anyway, good luck!

  12. Congrats Ashley! Good choice, lady 🙂

  13. Congratulations! *dances*
    I’m with Nora, I want your new address when you move in so I can send you a package.

  14. I’m really excited for you! What a cool time in your life. And there will be time for travel later, because it’s something you want to do, so you will make the time.

  15. CONGRATS!!

    I’m excited for you and I’m excited to read all about your new adventures!

  16. Congratulation on making the decison! Be sure to let us know how it goes!!

  17. aw yay congrats! i’m so excited for you, woo!

  18. I am so proud of and happy for you! Wee!

  19. Wooo congrats! I bet it feels great to have a plan after all these months!

  20. Congratulations!!! 🙂 This is such an exciting time for you now!

  21. Congratulations! I’m so excited for you, and I can’t wait to hear how things go!

  22. I am so happy for you! At least you have somethings already crossed off your list like your car! 😀 Looking forward to visiting you.

  23. Congrats Ashley! You are totally right — I really believe that everything happens for a reason. How crazy that you received the phone call the same day as your blog post! It was fate!

    I can’t wait to follow along on your new adventure. And see how you decorate your new place!

    This is the best of both worlds — a new job post-grad AND you can save up $$ to travel on your vacation time!

  24. Congrats! (I’m just now catching up on my Reader 🙂

    Hope these past few days of planning and anticipating your new job have been great. I think the fact that you’ll be living and working an hour away from Austin is perfect – it will make you miss it and appreciate it more and also give you a chance to get away and have your own life, friends, and daily routine!

    This is great!

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