The Apartment Situation

When I moved back to Texas from New York, one of the changes I was most excited about was the idea of a Texas-sized apartment.

In New York, my entire apartment was around 300 square feet. That included three bedrooms, a kitchen, a living room, and a bathroom. Needless to say, it was cramped. My bedroom was nearly stuffed to the base boards once I set up my full size bed. My closet consisted of two shelves and a metal rod hung on one wall. Our living room barely had space for a small arm chair and a love seat. Coffee table? Forget about it. Also, the above-ground subway line ran right in front of our windows. It was loud, unpleasant, and annoying on a good day. But let’s not forget one of the biggest flaws of my New York apartment- the fact that it was on the fifth floor… with no elevator. Yeah, I got a nice work out coming home each evening. And carrying groceries up those five flights became the dread of my weekends.

Yes, I was excited to leave that apartment and find something… more liveable.

The apartments in Austin are a dime a dozen. Most complexes are less than ten years old, with brand new (sometimes stainless steel!) appliances, large square footage, balconies, covered parking, resort style pools. It sounded like heaven. There was a slight change of plans, though, once I accepted this new job and embarked on a last minute move away from Austin.

My new city, a college town, has a slim selection of apartments. So I settled on one that was not my top choice, but also no where near the bottom of my list. It’s large with almost 900 square feet. It has a large living room, a dining room, a kitchen, two large bedrooms, two bathrooms, and three wonderfully large closets. The one in my bedroom is even big enough to hide an army of small children, or something. It’s big. Walk-in big. Our rent is cheap (almost $300 less than I paid in New York) and it includes free cable with HBO, free internet, a dishwasher, and an in unit washer and dryer. LOVE IT!

This apartment does have a few drawbacks though. It’s across the street from the college campus meaning that the residents are predominately college kids. The complex is older which means more repairs and older appliance.. When it rains, the grounds don’t drain well. This past week I decided I must invest in some rain boots because walking through four inches of water just isn’t doable any other way. But hey, it’s still a HUGE step up from that tiny New York apartment. And I think I can live with that.

11 responses to “The Apartment Situation

  1. I was looking on Craigslist at apartments in different states. I was amazed at how small apartments are in New York. For a $600/month apartment in New York, well, it’s pretty much unheard of. I saw mostly BEDROOMS sold for that much. In Tennessee? Husband and I paid $800 a couple years ago for a 2-bedroom, 1200+ sq. ft. apartment, and it was in downtown Chattanooga.

    It’s crazy how different things are from state-to-state.

    I’m glad you have a bigger apartment, even if it’s not exactly what you had hoped for!

  2. Way to go! Every place will have its nuances, but it’s so exciting to hear you’ve found a place that’s more ‘livable’ than your NYC place!

  3. I’m glad that so far everything is a step up from your old place! I have quite a few friends in the process of looking for a new apt and it’s not going so well.

    and since you’re in a college town now, that must mean that there are great (and cheap!) places to eat nearby, right? I’d call that a HUGE plus!

  4. Oh my gosh, sounds wonderful overall =)

  5. no place will ever be 100% perfect but for now this is ”perfect” and it sounds pretty good and hey you have LARGE closests wot more do you need?

  6. In-unit washer and dryer are the BEST THING EVER. After living in dorms, and a bunch of crappy apartment buildings where I was on the sixth floor and laundry was on the first, in-unit laundry was a dream come true for me!

  7. yeah that walk in closet sounds pretty freaking amazing. as does the washer and dryer in unit, i’m quite jealous of that one.

  8. Oh man, I can’t imagine NYC living in those small spaces. Seriously. Chicago has small places but it’s more affordable but I can only imagine the upgrade! Good for you.

  9. Still jealous of that washer and dryer. 😉 I hope things are working out with the roommate!

  10. Oh, to have a washer & dryer! I have one now that I live at home but my last two apartments had onely ONE washer and ONE dryer for the entire unit and of course, they were kept in the dark, dank, creepy-ass basement where I swear bodies were buried.

  11. I am glad that you have more space and more amenities than what you had in NYC. I was looking at place in NY and about fell over, things are so expensive there! Breaks my small town heart.

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