Starbucks Doubleshot Energy+Coffee Giveaway


A few weeks ago I received an email asking if I would like to participate in a new promotional contest for Starbucks Doubleshot Energy+Coffee. Since we all know that I love coffee, particularly Starbucks, I immediately jumped at the opportunity.

Starbucks, I heart you. Your coffee is delicious and always gives me that little boost of energy when I most need it (like on this wretched Monday morning!).

Especially now that I’m starting a new job, I’m sure I’m going to need several boosts throughout the day. And I’m going to need some tips on how to stay at the top of my game. So this is where you come in to help. To enter the contest all you have to do is leave a comment telling me the best way to pretend to be working at work. Do you type blog posts just so it sounds like you’re busy in your cubicle? Do you take multiple trips to the restroom, just to pass the time? It can be anything! The contest will last for two weeks (ending November 2nd at 8am CST). Winners will be chosen at random to receive the following prizes:

Five (5) STANDARD PRIZE PACKS (valued at $30 each):

Standard Prize Packs

•  Stealth Switch™- “The World’s first desktop cloaking device.” StealthSwitch™ uses patent pending technology to instantly and completely hide applications with a press of the footswitch. The applications are not just are not just minimized, they are made invisible.
•  $5 Starbucks® Card
•  Starbucks Doubleshot® Energy+Coffee coupons
•  Starbucks Doubleshot® Energy+Coffee-branded white board

Edited to add: The Grand Prize Package has been removed from this post. To clear up any confusion, this package is not available to win through comments and will only be awarded to select contest holders.

This promotion is solely sponsored by me, AshleyD, and has not been endorsed or approved by North American Coffee Partnership. By entering, you agree to look solely to me for any claims in connection therewith, and not the North American Coffee Partnership.

NO PURCHASE NECESSARY. Subject to Contest guidelines. Open to U.S. residents only. Valid comments are any comments left during the two week contest period. Contest ends November 2nd at 8am CST.


42 responses to “Starbucks Doubleshot Energy+Coffee Giveaway

  1. This is the first I have heard of the Stealth Switch™! Right now Alt+Tab is my best friend.
    My company has an office messanger so it looks like I’m talking work, but I’m actually letting my office BFFs know about the Sephora online sale. 😉

  2. Awesome contest, and those are some great looking prize packs!

    Best way I look busy at work? I make a lot of my lists (groceries, goals, etc.) in Excel so it looks like I’m working in a spreadsheet…

  3. Those prizes look great! I work with kids in a residential program, so when I get bored, but I don’t want to interact with the kids, I cook a big dinner for them. It gives me a good excuse to tell them to “get out of the kitchen and leave me alone” so I can get some space! My shifts are long, so I need space every so often.

  4. I always have multiple windows open, behind what I am working on. So, if I am blogging or facebooking, I can quickly click on whatever I am actually working on, if my boss walks by! Oh, and yes, multiple bathroom trips help too!

  5. Holy giveaway!! I’m in Canada so I’m not in on this, but cool contest lady, what a score!

  6. I keep Google Talk open and chat with my friends in between doing work. Since I’m almost constantly typing it looks and sounds like I’m being very productive 🙂

  7. Reading and writing blog posts is usually how I keep busy or I’ll work on school related stuff and no one seems to notice the difference!

  8. Holy heck! What an amazing giveaway.

    Ways to look busy at work? Definitely leaving blog-post comments. Typing is always a good sign that you’re working.

    Reorganizing your desk on a Friday afternoon constitutes work, but also organizes you and frees up your mind for a bit.

    Also, if I’m working on a big project that’s not necessarily involving other people in the office for some reason they assume I’m not working so I make sure to send them a a few emails throughout the day so they don’t question it =)

  9. I have a laptop and a second monitor, so when I feel like goofing off, I keep something that is very obviously work-related (my organization’s website, a document with our logo plastered all over it, etc.) open on the monitor (which is visible when someone walks in my office), and my goof-off stuff will be on the laptop screen which is not readily visible when someone walks into my office. Sneaky sneaky!

  10. Awesome giveaway!

    I type up blog posts and/or papers for school. I also walk around the office on occasion, just to pass the time. I also clean up my desk and take all of the used paper to the recycling bin!

  11. I play the “age game” with my coworkers:

    1) pick a celebrity
    2) guess their age
    3) look it up on wikipedia
    4) whoever is closest (without going over a la the price is right) wins.

    Whatever, it sounds lame, but I love it

  12. Best way to waste time when the boss isn’t here – play wordtwist, carry on long, inane conversations on gchat, read every blog in the universe, write novels in the comments.

    When the boss is here, I type blog posts in Word, and keep a complicated looking spreadsheet in the background.

  13. I look busy by getting the girls in my office water from the cafeteria. I make multiple trips and they ask me to go so it gets me out of the office and makes people happy!

    My one co-worker and I play “we’re going on a picnic”. We look like we are having these deep work conversations and we are really just trying to remember if it was an pumpkin or papaya that the other just said!!

    Also, I guess I’m lucky because I answer phones all day and can go on the internet so I don’t have to be sneaky..just able to multitask 🙂

  14. I am a responsible, hard-working individual who gives 100% of her attention to her work during work days and occasionally in the evenings.

    (Uh, I work for a company that rhymes with farlucks – in the corporate center. I honestly know nothing about this promotion, but find it hilarious that the prize is coupled with a device used to help you hide whatever non-work-related things you’re doing at the office. Hee!)

  15. I’m a big fan of leaving something work worthy & important minimized at the bottom of the screen & then when someone passes by maximize & VOILE! “I’m way too busy to play on the internet, much less talk to you!” A few work things scattered on the desk doesn’t hurt either. A ridic. amount of post it notes, a dictionary, whatever! 🙂 It’s a little old fashioned, but it does the trick!

  16. Boooooo, SO sad this is only open to US residents!!!!

    What a killer giveaway though, whoo!

  17. awesome giveaway and that stealth switch sounds brilliant!

    When I used to work behind a desk, I would keep a blank word.doc minimized (while I was busy reading blogs or something else) so that if someone passed by, I would maximize the word.doc and start typing away (usually a shopping list of some sort)

  18. That stealth thing looks awesome!

    I have multiple windows open in case someone walks up.

    Also keeping a somewhat messy desk makes it look like you have a lot going on

  19. chasingparadise

    Ooooh I want that StealthSwitch badly!

    My favorite trick is to work on my wedding planning and budgeting via Excel. I have to work with spreadsheets a lot, so it’s definitely easy to hide!

  20. I am a fan of spreading papers and files all about my desk and credenza. If it is not clean, I am super busy. Naturally.

  21. I used to make lists… of anything and everything to procrastinate. Oh, and I would surf the net but have a spreadsheet minimized so I could throw it up quickly 😉

  22. Unfortunately, I don’t have a full time desk job, so I’m never on the computer at work. Fortunately, my job allows me to be on my phone [aka, the internet] so I don’t have to hide anything!

  23. i chat through google so it looks like my email is open but i’m really chatting. i also close my door even when i don’t have clients so it looks like i’m busy with clients.

    cool giveaway!

  24. At my job I usually AM busy, but sometimes I get some down time at the computer and I definitely pretend I’m charting about my patients when I’m really catching up on Google Reader.

  25. When I am trying to look busy I have several e-Books in PDF which I will open up and spend the hours reading ‘fluff’. As I work for a print company it appears like I am just proofing someone’s work. 😀

  26. I usually get an hour by myself in the mornings before everyone else comes in so I try to read blogs during that hour.
    I love Google Reader because I can easily read blogs without having to read their blogs on their websites where it’s colorful and obvious!
    Writing a post is kind of hard at work… sometimes it takes me an entire day to finish it after clicking on “Save” a hundred times.

  27. Ooh, those sound delish!!

    I either take breaks with email/blogs/FB or organize things around my desk – make To Do lists, calendar things, etc. 🙂

  28. I pretend to be working by reading the news and blogs through my google reader — it looks like I’m doing real work because the reader looks legit, but really I’m reading YOU and all other people 🙂

  29. I wasn’t usually very stealth about my time wasting. Just a lot of email checking and googling. Sometimes I would read short stories online…

  30. yay giveaways!

    I work on the phone all day, so when I want to look busy, I make sure to have my headset on and if I hear a supervisor’s voice I switch to my email or clinical program. Sometimes I just leave my desk for random periods of time. They don’t ask questions. I’ve also switched to emailing friends from my work email, so it looks like I’m sending something important.


  31. I totally can’t enter this contest since I work on Starbucks PR team but what a cool contest (I didn’t work on it, haha).

    Your new blog is looking great!

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  33. Awesome giveaway, Ashley!

    I work from home now, but when I was at work, I’d just go through my reader and read… a lot of blogs. My boss would come up and ask what I was doing – and I’d say “Reading into some new material…”

    It was impressive 🙂

  34. haha I love this question. Keep a lot of files on your desk. hah!

  35. Um, yes. Blog while at work, then schedule the post to pop up later in the afternoon, JUSTINCASE anyone from work reads it (and I think some do) then they won’t know when I really wrote it!

  36. When I was working I would look at the internet usually during my lunch. I managed a dept so I was kept pretty busy doing that

  37. I chat with people via Facebook or gchat in a very small window. When someone nears me I click on the window that has work related information and act like I’m busy, busy, busy!

  38. I love those Starbucks energy drinks! They are so expensive though…

  39. Hands down the easiest way to look like I’m working is to be writing a blog post in Word. This way I’m not online AND I’m typing away 🙂

  40. I do take numerous trips to the bathroom to kill time as I’m usually more on the bored side. thankfully a couple new gals have started in the office and we get together to kill the time as a team. it’s great!

  41. I would make many trips to the copy room with different papers each time. People seem to think I’m very busy when I am walking up and down the halls.

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