Knowing Myself

I’m finding myself in a very annoying state of mind lately where I’m constantly comparing myself to others. I question each decision and wonder what others will think.

“What should I have for lunch? What color curtains should I hang in my bedroom? What should I do this weekend?”

Every. single. tiny. decision.

And I hate this new lack of confidence. Usually I am sure of myself and others’ opinions don’t really matter to me. So why is this happening now? Maybe it’s because I’m making new friends and not surrounded by people I know well. Maybe that’s why I’m so confused and unsure?

Whatever it is, it’s exhausting and I really wish I would snap out of it.


11 responses to “Knowing Myself

  1. Definitely being around new people can cause this to happen. You don’t know them 100%, so you’re questioning the things you do since you want them to like you.

    Don’t worry, dear. I don’t see how anyone could not like you.

  2. Being around new people is hard in that way that it removes all the familiar. But don’t worry , you are fabulous the way you are and they would be fools to not adore you. You’ll get your footing back soon.

  3. You’re a Libra, right? Libra’s are notoriously indecisive. I am one of those people who questions a lot of my decisions… maybe I should be like Rory from Gilmore Girls and make a pro/con list to get to the bottom of my feelings about things.

    But, I would agree with Mandy & Megan that you ARE fabulous and if someone doesn’t like you they are just plain foolish.

  4. Allow yourself to go through this. I definitely noticed a change in how I perceived myself and the confidence I felt when I moved out of a comfort zone of people who know you and have you pegged a certain way and into something new. When you’re comfortable, you act like you’ve always acted. When you’re in a new situation, you don’t have the mirrors that are your familiar faces and situations to tell you how to act. Allow yourself to question your motives and decisions, but when you do make them, be confident about it.

    You’re a great, awesome, amazing person, and I’m confident YOU’LL make the right decisions, even with the curtains 🙂

  5. I think what you’re going through is completely normal when you are put into a new situation. You’re in a transitional period where you are basically trying to create a new life for yourself and it is normal to question what you’re doing when you are out of your comfort zone.

    Try not to compare yourself too much to the people around you though. I’ve found that the minute you start comparing yourself to other people is when you start to feel insecure! The thing is, everyone has there own path and everyone has there strengths and weaknesses.. just embrace who you are and try not to compare.

    So much easier said than done but don’t worry I’m sure things will get better! 🙂

  6. I’ve been feeling the same way lately, too and I think it’s because of those reasons that you listed. I just am out of my element and it’s hard being far away from Eric and my family so it makes me question myself a lot more.

    Here’s to snapping out of it!

  7. I find myself doing this too (more recently). Just remember that no one can be YOU. YOU are unique and amazing the way you are.

  8. walkingonsunshine18

    I think it’s a good thing that you achknowledge that you’re doing it… that’s the first step to hopefully stopping it, because I know from first hand experience that it’s a pain in the butt thing to do each time you have to make a decision

  9. Oh honey it’s okay, we all get in those funks. Focus on the good things in your life, and your crush, and it will balance out.

  10. I’m sure everyone goes through this since I do sometimes. I hate the days when I’m so so indecisive about everything. One time it made me cry because I didn’t know what I wanted for dinner since I didn’t want ANYTHING I thought of. Pathetic!

    Hope you have a great weekend 🙂

  11. It is totally normal to be questioning yourself and wondering what is happening in your life. I feel like I have been going through those same feelings the past few months…

    …but know that you inspire me. You have introduced me to an outlet of writing that makes me feel empowered. You are willing to try new things and dance like no one is watching with a huge smile on your face. So thanks for keeping me motivated.

    …here’s to snapping out of it and finding what we want in life.

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