When You Like a Boy

you spend Friday night dancing with him and can’t believe he picked you.

you love when he keeps refilling your water at the bar.

you give him your phone number when he asks.

you feel butterflies in your stomach when your phone buzzes the next morning with that first text message.

your mind constantly races with thoughts of him, no matter how hard you try to concentrate on anything else.

you find any chance you can to talk about him to your friends, and hopefully, they don’t hate you for this.

you smile when he invites you to happy hour with his friends, and smile even bigger when he asks you to drive him home.

you are perfectly happy sitting on his couch watching House for hours with his arm around you.

you wonder what it means when he says he’s “tired” and “you should go home”… WHAT DOES THAT MEAN? DOES HE NOT LIKE ME? DID I DO SOMETHING WRONG? OMG HE HATES ME, RIGHT? Or maybe he’s really just tired. That could be it.

you also wonder why he hasn’t kissed you since Friday night… now, seriously, WHAT DOES THAT MEAN?

you giggle when he texts you the next morning saying he fell asleep and was sorry he never text you back last night.

you get a little nervous, but also excited, when your co-workers tell you to ask him to help move some heavy furniture in the office.

you wonder what it means (yes, I over-analyze everything) that he spent an hour at your office yesterday hauling huge desks into the back of his SUV and across town to Goodwill.

you can’t believe that it’s only been seven days since he first caught your eye.

you obviously want to see him again, but don’t want to get your hopes up.



13 responses to “When You Like a Boy

  1. “your mind constantly races with thoughts of him, no matter how hard you try to concentrate on anything else.”

    UH HUH. Yes. That part.

  2. I’m excited for you!!! Just enjoy the journey!!! HAVE FUN!!!!

  3. Awww, yay!! I totally know how you feel, I over-analyze every flipping thing too. There’s no way around that… it’s just your nature if you do it! Just enjoy every moment you’re not over-analyzing! haha

  4. aww so happy for you!

  5. Eeee! So happy for you. Enjoy every moment. This is adorable 🙂

  6. oooh yay for new crushes!!! 🙂

  7. Just enjoy it as it comes. I hope things work out though!

  8. oh man, i’m the queen over analyzer! i’m excited for you and can’t wait to hear more about it!!!

  9. Um.. yeah. I might or might not be in a similar situation. The best & worst.

  10. This part is so fun and exciting but also torturous and confusing. I want more details! Like, constant updates.

  11. Here’s a little quote my cousin said to me not too long ago: “You must embrace the crush. You control it, it doesn’t control you and then you enjoy the hell out of it.” I thought it was rather fitting for this situation. So, enjoy the hell out if it!

  12. Wow, reading that brought back memories of those days for me. Sometimes I miss it and wish we (my husband and I) could go back to that flirting stage. I make it sound like our marriage is bad & it’s definitely not!

    It sounds like he does like you!

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