These are some of my favorite blogs.  Please let me know if you feel like you should be listed and I will be happy to add you!

The ones I’m lucky enough to know  in real life:

Aviva In Wonderland

Elizabeth Knox Photography

Everyone Loves a Boston Girl

Free and Flawed

In Good Taste

Oh! How Lovely!

Perks of Being a JAP

The Everyday Adventures of Me in the City

This? Is Not the Life I Ordered!

Was It For This

You Gotta Laugh

The ones I ALWAYS read:

Du Wax Loolu

Girl With The Red Hair

Good Girl Gone Blog

Gorgeous Footsteps in the Sand

It’s Like I’m…mmmagic

Just a Small Town Girl


Lauren From Texas

Our Little Apartment

thunderstorms highly likely

Walking Through the Rain

Won’t You Be My Neighbor


Your Wishcake

The ones who are awesome:

Big Time Fancy

Chasing Paradise

Chelsea Talks Smack

Classy in Philadelphia

Confessions of a Jersey Girl

Cusp of Normal

Dance in the Rain

Down the Rabbit Hole


Hope Dies Last

i hate so much

I’m a mom in real life

Just Fine and Dandy


La Petite Chic


Late Bloomer’s Revelations

LFar Blog

Long Red Cape

miel et cannelle

More Is Better

No Ordinary Rollercoaster

Nomadic Foodie

on the road with cavy


Sarah Said.

Skrinkering Hearts

somewhat voluble

State I Am In

Stylish Handwriting

Swinging from the Chandelier

Tea and Crumpets

That’s What Je Said

The Way I See It

These Little Moments

’til the river runs dry

Working Girl


2 responses to “Blogroll

  1. Thank you SO much for adding me to your list! When I do my next blogroll update you’re definitely on mine. But FYI, there is a slight typo to my blog’s title; it should be “Kapachino”. Thanks!!

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