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Dating Is Like Baseball

Okay, so before I get any more “awww, he sounds so sweet” comments, I want to clear something up.Yes, this guy was sweet on the date and put some thought into where he wanted to kiss me, but it wasn’t all sparkles and rainbows.

And I will not be seeing this guy again.

For several reasons.

One: He forgot my name. Seriously. (STRIKE ONE)

Two: He was on a talk show… last week. He brought this up on our date. To make things even worse, he was on this show for dating advice because he is “too clingy” and has been known to call girls repeatedly and even drive by their houses to see if they are home. He told me he is now in counseling for this. (STRIKE TWO and RED FLAG)

Three: When he asked me out for the second date, he asked if we could rent a movie. Which, sure, okay, whatever. But then he asked if we could watch it at my apartment. I don’t know about you, but I don’t really let random guys come over on the second date. Especially when I know they have a history of stalking girls. So I asked if we could go to his place instead or maybe just go out for dinner… .and he got an attitude. Not cool. (STRIKE THREE)

With all of this drama after just one date? He’s out of the game. I’m sure you don’t disagree with my decision.


Knowing Myself

I’m finding myself in a very annoying state of mind lately where I’m constantly comparing myself to others. I question each decision and wonder what others will think.

“What should I have for lunch? What color curtains should I hang in my bedroom? What should I do this weekend?”

Every. single. tiny. decision.

And I hate this new lack of confidence. Usually I am sure of myself and others’ opinions don’t really matter to me. So why is this happening now? Maybe it’s because I’m making new friends and not surrounded by people I know well. Maybe that’s why I’m so confused and unsure?

Whatever it is, it’s exhausting and I really wish I would snap out of it.

The Apartment Situation

When I moved back to Texas from New York, one of the changes I was most excited about was the idea of a Texas-sized apartment.

In New York, my entire apartment was around 300 square feet. That included three bedrooms, a kitchen, a living room, and a bathroom. Needless to say, it was cramped. My bedroom was nearly stuffed to the base boards once I set up my full size bed. My closet consisted of two shelves and a metal rod hung on one wall. Our living room barely had space for a small arm chair and a love seat. Coffee table? Forget about it. Also, the above-ground subway line ran right in front of our windows. It was loud, unpleasant, and annoying on a good day. But let’s not forget one of the biggest flaws of my New York apartment- the fact that it was on the fifth floor… with no elevator. Yeah, I got a nice work out coming home each evening. And carrying groceries up those five flights became the dread of my weekends.

Yes, I was excited to leave that apartment and find something… more liveable.

The apartments in Austin are a dime a dozen. Most complexes are less than ten years old, with brand new (sometimes stainless steel!) appliances, large square footage, balconies, covered parking, resort style pools. It sounded like heaven. There was a slight change of plans, though, once I accepted this new job and embarked on a last minute move away from Austin.

My new city, a college town, has a slim selection of apartments. So I settled on one that was not my top choice, but also no where near the bottom of my list. It’s large with almost 900 square feet. It has a large living room, a dining room, a kitchen, two large bedrooms, two bathrooms, and three wonderfully large closets. The one in my bedroom is even big enough to hide an army of small children, or something. It’s big. Walk-in big. Our rent is cheap (almost $300 less than I paid in New York) and it includes free cable with HBO, free internet, a dishwasher, and an in unit washer and dryer. LOVE IT!

This apartment does have a few drawbacks though. It’s across the street from the college campus meaning that the residents are predominately college kids. The complex is older which means more repairs and older appliance.. When it rains, the grounds don’t drain well. This past week I decided I must invest in some rain boots because walking through four inches of water just isn’t doable any other way. But hey, it’s still a HUGE step up from that tiny New York apartment. And I think I can live with that.


Today I am also guest blogging for Amber at Girl With The Red Hair. I’m sharing all the details of my long-distance relationship that somehow lasted SIX YEARS! I know! You don’t want to miss that!

Since I’ve decide to alter my career plans a bit, I’ve been met with some mixed reactions from people. My family and most friends are completely supportive and excited for me. However, one friend is telling me that I shouldn’t go into teaching. “It’s not your first choice” (Really? When did I say what my first choice was?) and “Don’t settle!” (Since when is deciding to be a teacher settling? Is there something “better” I should be doing with my time because I can’t think of a single thing.) You mean I’m not getting a job as a counselor right out of school? That I’m pursuing another career path that I’ve always wanted to try? That I’m really excited about this new path and can’t wait to get started? Is that settling?

I don’t think so.

It’s frustrating, though, all these people giving me their opinions and wanting me to feel the same way. I’m trying to figure out what I want and what will make me happy. But everything becomes so confused when I have multiple opinions thrown at me from all directions.

I’m trying to remember that this is my life and I need to focus on just that. It doesn’t matter if one particular friend doesn’t agree with my decision. She isn’t the one who has to live with it. And she won’t be the one waking up each morning either excited for the new day or dreading the next 8 hours. I am.

I’m not settling. I’m taking a detour, one that I am extremely excited about.

So, I’m curious. Have you ever dealt with a situation like this? Have you been met with conflicting ideas about what people think will make you happy? How did you deal with it?

Big, messy, cranky day

I wrote this post on Friday but my internet decided to stop working so I never got to post it. Yet another reason I was cranky.

Today is a cranky day.
I didn’t sleep well last night because I kept worrying there were bed bugs crawling over my entire body and eating me alive. CruiseFriend found out her roommate has bed bugs, so they are cleaning out their entire apartment. I’ve been helping carry bags of clothes to the dry cleaners, but then I become extremely nervous thinking the bed bugs have jumped from the bag onto my clothes.  And I was laying in bed sweating because it was freaking hot… so I finally thought “screw it” and turned on the A/C not even caring how expensive the electric bill is going to be this month. Only I really do care because I have no money to pay the bill.

I’m starting to think that money is the devil. Seriously. And my friends are stressed out too, so we just sit around all day and complain about not having money and being frustrated with life and it’s a horribly pathetic scene.

We are managing to still find ways to have fun despite our negative moods.

Yesterday, we found a Starbucks gift card while cleaning our apartment so we treated ourselves to some frappucinos that were delicious. We also decided to act like we were five years old last night and built a tent in our living room. We tied a queen size sheet to four chairs spread around the room, moved my mattress out of my bedroom and onto the living room floor, and laid down to watch Motorcycle Diaries with a bowl of popcorn. It was the quite the delightful evening if I do say so myself.

Except then it was ruined by the imaginary bed bug debacle.

And thus is my life right now.

There are some really good, happy times and also some really stressful, angry times. I’m so ready to move back to Texas and start over again.