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Dating Is Like Baseball

Okay, so before I get any more “awww, he sounds so sweet” comments, I want to clear something up.Yes, this guy was sweet on the date and put some thought into where he wanted to kiss me, but it wasn’t all sparkles and rainbows.

And I will not be seeing this guy again.

For several reasons.

One: He forgot my name. Seriously. (STRIKE ONE)

Two: He was on a talk show… last week. He brought this up on our date. To make things even worse, he was on this show for dating advice because he is “too clingy” and has been known to call girls repeatedly and even drive by their houses to see if they are home. He told me he is now in counseling for this. (STRIKE TWO and RED FLAG)

Three: When he asked me out for the second date, he asked if we could rent a movie. Which, sure, okay, whatever. But then he asked if we could watch it at my apartment. I don’t know about you, but I don’t really let random guys come over on the second date. Especially when I know they have a history of stalking girls. So I asked if we could go to his place instead or maybe just go out for dinner… .and he got an attitude. Not cool. (STRIKE THREE)

With all of this drama after just one date? He’s out of the game. I’m sure you don’t disagree with my decision.


Apartment Decor

Since I’m twenty-five years old now, have a real grown-up job, and am once again living on my own (with a roommate), I thought it was time to decorate my apartment like an adult. This means no bulletin boards with thumb tacks, no beer related decor, and no posters related to Hanson or Twilight (Taylor and Edward, I still want to hang you on my walls and stare at your beautiful faces for hours on end, but I am older now and this is a compromise I must make. I’m sorry. I still love you!)

I’ve spent the last few weeks searching for the perfect additions to my new apartment. While mulling through my piles of “college stuff” in my mom’s garage I found a few useful items. I was also smart enough to buy some cute framed photos in New York and brought those back to Texas. And my mom and grandfather were generous enough to donate their finances toward this project as well. Thanks, Mom and Paw Paw!

Even though it’s still the beginning stages, I think the apartment is coming together quite well. So, without further ado, I bring you picture collages of my new living room…

living room collage
and my bedroom…

bedroom collage
I plan to post more pictures later, or maybe even do a video blog giving a tour, but the apartment isn’t quite up to that level of cute-ness yet.