Dating Is Like Baseball

Okay, so before I get any more “awww, he sounds so sweet” comments, I want to clear something up.Yes, this guy was sweet on the date and put some thought into where he wanted to kiss me, but it wasn’t all sparkles and rainbows.

And I will not be seeing this guy again.

For several reasons.

One: He forgot my name. Seriously. (STRIKE ONE)

Two: He was on a talk show… last week. He brought this up on our date. To make things even worse, he was on this show for dating advice because he is “too clingy” and has been known to call girls repeatedly and even drive by their houses to see if they are home. He told me he is now in counseling for this. (STRIKE TWO and RED FLAG)

Three: When he asked me out for the second date, he asked if we could rent a movie. Which, sure, okay, whatever. But then he asked if we could watch it at my apartment. I don’t know about you, but I don’t really let random guys come over on the second date. Especially when I know they have a history of stalking girls. So I asked if we could go to his place instead or maybe just go out for dinner… .and he got an attitude. Not cool. (STRIKE THREE)

With all of this drama after just one date? He’s out of the game. I’m sure you don’t disagree with my decision.


23 responses to “Dating Is Like Baseball

  1. WOW. Un-f-ing-believable! Have you had any contact with him since this happened? Crazy!

  2. ahhh haha.. WOW. well this is definitely good blog fodder!

    I’m not sure if I’d be worried if he’ll stalk you IF HE FORGOT YOUR NAME. who does that!?! and who tells a date about what you’re in counseling for and you’ve been on a talk show for dating advice. oh my… i would’ve walked out after he forgot my name.

    although the dating advice thing reminds me of this guy I dated for a little over a month (don’t ask, I couldn’t face being the bad guy and breaking up with him- so I got drunk when I saw him. ha!) anyways- he seriously owned a copy of Dating for Dummies and showed me examples from the book and how he applied it to our “relationship”. No lie.

  3. He forgot your name? That would have been the end of it for me.

  4. Jeebus. Yeah. Out for sure.

    I mean…any of those would be total grounds for dismissal, but all three? Whoa.

  5. How did he forget your name? You name is Ashley. That’s crazy. I could see if your name was like mine. My name is Akirah. That’s pretty difficult. But Ashley. There’s no excuse on that. I’m pretty sure Dr. Phil would advise you to end it as well. Good job.

  6. I recently let a guy pick me up for a second date but my 100 lb German Shepherd was there to greet him. I figured I was okay.

    Way to go for looking at the red flags and choosing to set him free. 🙂

  7. wow. He forgot your name!?!? That would have been strike 1,2 and 3 for me! And who tells someone they are clingy. haha.

  8. What the fucking fuck?! WOW. Just, WOW. He forgot your name? And WHO admits to being on a talk show due to stalking and clinginess?! SERIOUSLY! RED FLAGS ALL AROUND. If I was in Texas, I’d take you out for a drink. Immediately.

  9. Blech. What a nightmare. I think forgetting your name (especially when your name is Ashley) is a strike one, two AND three. But maybe I’m just really picky. Glad he got rid of him stat.

  10. WHACK JOB, for real. Sorry this one was a dud, Ashley.

  11. He forgot your name! How rude! Glad you’re being smart about this one!!!

  12. What a creeper!!!!

    I went out with this guy once, just for coffee, and he continues to this day to just show up randomly in places where I’m with friends or on a date.

  13. ummm yeah kick him to the curb for sure!!

  14. Yeah, I don’t think there will be a single commenter who disagrees. Ick.

  15. I have this image of a little angel dressed in an ump’s outfit over your shoulder during strike three shouting “you’re out of there!” Why? I have no idea.

    So glad you decided not to see this guy again. he sounds… interesting. But not the good kind.

  16. Uhh, yea. You did the right thing. This guy sounds like a nutbar.

  17. holy crap those are some serious red flags and smart you for calling it off. he forgot your name and he’s been known to stalk? haha, yeah that’s a little creepy.

  18. walkingonsunshine18

    The fact that he forgot your name is just plain unacceptable. Then he goes on to tell you he was on a talk show for being too clingy… CRAZINESS!

  19. what talk show was he on??? what a wacko!

  20. Are you okay with me laughing about this? Because it’s hilarious and great and perfect.

  21. What a horrible boy!! I’m glad those flags showed up REALLY early!!

  22. I read all your other recent posts and went from AWW to WTF in minutes after reading this one. I’m glad you caught those flags early because most girls don’t.

  23. Maybe it’s rude to put it this way, but DITCH THE LOSER…RUN LIKE HELL.

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